Visually Impaired Harrison County Students Have Fun at Annual Easter Egg Hunt for the Blind

By Chris Johnson on March 22, 2023 via

A group of Harrison County students had the opportunity to spend some time with their peers and have some fun as they took part in the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the Blind on Tuesday at The Citynet Center at The Bridge Sports Complex on Tuesday.
The Bridgeport Lions Club and the Bridgeport Women’s Club worked in conjunction to put on the event.
A total of 10 students participated.
“It’s a great opportunity for children who are visually impaired to get together and get to know one another,” Bridgeport Lions Club member Trian Britcher said. “It’s an opportunity for them to develop some friendships with kids who are like them.”
In addition to hunting Easter eggs, the students also did crafts, had lunch provided by Chick-fil-A and upon leaving were given an Easter basket put together by the Women’s Club.
The hunt itself took place on the artificial turf on the second floor of the Citynet Center. Students hunted eggs with built-in beepers and they were assisted by Lions Club and Women’s Club volunteers although they didn’t need much help as they all quickly found the beeping eggs and were rewarded with candy-filled eggs from the volunteers.
“I think this is great,” Lions Club President John Vash said. “It’s a chance for us to give kids who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to go out and partake in the time-honored tradition of an Easter egg hunt. This gives them the opportunity to do that and go out and have some fun. It’s a wonderful fun-filled event.
“One of our main focuses at the Lions Club is blindness. That is one of our primary goals that we like to bring community awareness to. Our motto is ‘We Serve’ and this is another way to show the community that when we have opportunities to give back to the community, we seize them.”

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