Off the Shelf: More Research on COVID-19 Life Span on Surfaces of Collections Existing in Public Libraries

By Sharon Saye on July 29, 2020 from Off the Shelf via

Research continues on the safety of library materials.  I detailed in a previous column that mylar covers over book jackets and interior pages of a book were clear of the coronavirus after three days.   
A second testing of common materials in libraries has just been concluded. 
They looked at Braille paper pages, Glossy paper pages, Magazine pages, Children’s board books and Archival folders.  Samples from each were inoculated and placed inside the closed book or magazine.  The items were then configured to mimic common storage conditions.   
Results showed that after two days of quarantine the virus was not detectable on the archival folders.  After four days of quarantine, the virus was not detectable on the braille pages, glossy book pages and board books.  The magazine pages showed a trace amount of virus at four days.  Four days was the final timepoint tested. 
As a result, we have upped the amount of time in quarantine for board books, books with glossy book pages, and magazines.  Normal books and materials remain quarantined on return for 72 hours. 
If you subscribe to magazines at home, you might want to let them sit for at least four days before you read them. 

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