Off the Shelf: Whatever the Interest, Chances Good Library has Electronic Services, Databases to Match

By Sharon Saye on November 18, 2020 from Off the Shelf via

The Bridgeport Public Library provides access to over 30 different electronic services and databases.  Because the WVDELI is the biggest and shared with nearly 500,000 West Virginians, the other services often just don’t get the attention they deserve. 
The Library has a brochure that you can request when you call to ask for items.  It provides details on all the electronic services and how to access them.  The same information is also available at the library’s website at or from the City of Bridgeport website under departments, 
If you are into music, then Freegal is for you with its million of songs from over 28,000 labels.  Patrons can download three songs for their permanent collection per week or can stream three hours of free music per week.   
If you are interested in genealogy, there is HeritageQuest.  If you have a legal question or need a legal form, try LawDepot.  If you want to learn a language, there is Mango.  If you want to take a class, try Universal Class or The Great Courses. 
If you have a car problem, there is ChiltonLibrary, or not sure what career is for you, try Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center.  That service also has loads of information on how to look for a job.  If you have questions about history, there is American History Online, or about science, try Science Online. 
If you are into the arts, there is ArtistWorks.  For movie and documentary film fans, there are several services including IndieFlix, Qello concerts, Acorn TV, or Access Video on Demand.  There is also Just for Kids Video Collection. 
Links and instructions are included in the brochure as well as on the websites.  So, even if the library building is closed, there are loads of resources available to patrons online.  All you need is a library card and an Internet connection. 

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