It's Happening: Peace on Earth in Action: Terrorist Activity Halted by Local

By Julie Perine on December 16, 2012 via

In 2010, a Syracuse, NY native by the name of Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukhdair was arrested in Egypt on charges of suspected terrorist activity. In 2011, he was deported back to the U.S., taking residency in both Ohio and Alabama.

Sometime along the way, the suspected terrorist met up on line with Randy Wilson AKA Rasheed Wilson. In recent months, Abukhdair and Wilson – along with another individual – engaged for hours in terrorist propaganda, including materials instituted by Osama bin laden, and discussed travel to Somalia and/or Sudan to put plans into action. But because of his incident in Egypt, Abukhdair wasn’t sure he would be allowed to leave the U.S. and suggested to his co-conspirators that they conduct a terrorist attack in the states instead.

What Abukhdair and Wilson – who, by the way, is believed to be a close friend and former roommate of Omar Hammami of the FBI’s most wanted list – didn’t know is that the third member of their terrorist fan club was, in fact, an FBI undercover agent.


Thank you for following me. I have good reason.

Just a few days ago, Abukhdair was arrested at a bus terminal in Augusta, Ga. He was en route to Canada. The plan was for him and Wilson to meet up in Morocco to further their plan.

Interestingly enough, the FBI secret agent making that arrest is a former CJIS employee of our immediate area, who took a career change challenge. He stepped out of his comfort zone and left his family for a period of time to become trained in something he felt a passion to pursue. Once completing his training and passing skills assessments, he took his family out of state to relocate and start a whole new life. It wasn’t easy to walk away from life as they knew it, but they believed in him, uprooted and started all over.

Who would know that just months later, he would be making an arrest that not only may have changed the course of the heart of Dixie, but also possibly the entire nation – or the world.

There’s something to be said for following one’s heart - and following one’s significant other.

I salute this secret agent man, his wife and kids for their allegiance to our flag.

Merry Christmas and a shared wish for peace on earth.

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