Getting to Know Beau Ford; Question and Answer Session with Standout BHS Football Player

By Chris Johnson on September 24, 2023 via

What’s your favorite movie?
It’s got to be Creed II.
Who is the best high school athlete you have competed against?
Rashad Reid, defensive lineman from Martinsburg.
Favorite subject in school?
Any pregame superstitions or rituals?
I have to wet my hair before I go out through the tunnel. Not before warm-ups, before we go out to start the game. I usually eat something light like a sandwich and I got to have a Gatorade or Gatorlyte.
How do you best describe Coach Tyler Phares?
He’s a great leader. He puts his faith in his players definitely. Also, he can be very strict and serious times at times but he can be a really funny guy. He’s very hard-working and determined. He loves the game of football. He loves being here.
Celebrity Crush?
It’s changed throughout the years but right now it’s Madison Beer.
Who’s the funniest player on the BHS football team?
I would say two guys that always lighten the mood when I get ticked off. I can be an easy-going guy but I get really angry sometimes. Bear Matheny and Aidan Sparks. Aidan has a very dry sense of humor but that’s what makes him so funny, he brings the engery with it.
If they would let you have a walk-up song, what’s playing?
Love by Keyshia Cole.
What game of your career sticks out the most?
I don’t want to sell myself short or pat myself on the butt too much but the game that sticks out the most was against Fairmont Senior this year. Throughout my football career, and I’ve been playing since I was four, I had the most fun in that one. I felt like I was really in the zone.
What gets you more hyped up, a big play on offense or a big play on defense?
I’m a defensive player. Don’t get me wrong, I love offense, always have. My Mom always asks me, “Do you want to move to being a back and run the ball?” I love being in the trenches, that’s where the action is. But getting a big defensive play is always really big for me.
On offense, you’ve made a switch this year (guard to end). What’s the biggest thing the average person doesn’t realize with what you do now compared to what you did last year?
My Mom kind of asked the same thing when I moved. She didn’t think it was that big a deal. The first game she came to she said, “You can go out and catch the ball now?” I said, ‘Yeah that’s why I had to switch positions.’ I think that’s a big misconception. People don’t realize I’m not just blocking, I can go out and get the ball too. But not only that, and not to take anything away from the interior guys because they have to do a lot, you have to be a lot more mobile at right end.
Devin Hill made a similar move his senior year right?
Yes. Devin was and still is very athletic. Even though he was big, he could still move so it was OK for him to be there. He went from tackle to right end.
I feel like you may have an advantage of Devin in the speed category?
We’ve worked out before and I can answer that for you. I’m faster than him.
Favorite meal?
Seafood alfredo.
Favorite pro or college athlete?
For a current player, I would have to say Travis Hunter. He’s been doing big things at Colorado recenlty. Of all-time? Von Miller. I’ve followed him all through his career. He inspired me to play football. I’ve watched his highlight reels from college over and over again.
Favorite pro or college team?
I’ll do both. My favorite college team is Alabama. And pro, the Denver Broncos.
What’s one thing it seems like everybody you know likes but you can’t stand?
Would fashion count? Like going with the trend? I like what I like and I’m going to wear what I like.
 What’s the best thing on TV right now?
One thing people don’t know about me, I’m a big nerd. I’m real big into anime. A good one right now is Demon Slayer.
What is your go-to concession stand order?
Chili cheese hot dogs.
There’s a weird combination I got when I was younger, I’d go to Sheetz and get the two for one hot dogs and get chili, cheese and bacon. I could still eat that to this day.
You wake up tomorrow as a superhero, what do you want you power to be?
Time travel.
What is the most important thing being an athlete at BHS has taught you?
Discipline and the fact that you are a STUDENT athlete. Your classes and school work come first, your athletics come second. That’s one thing I feel like they have always taught here. Sports can be fun and yes even a career you pursuit afterwards but the lessons you are going to learn, you are going to keep with you the rest of your life.
Is playing at the next level something you would like to pursuit?
It always has been my dream. Of course, I have a back-up plan because it may not always be likely. But at the end of the day if I can get a scholarship to D II, D I, that’s free college. So even if I don’t go pro, which is very unlikely, I can still get my education and not have to worrry about putting my family through that stress.
There’s a young kid in the community just getting into football what advice do you give him or her?
One thing that I always see, is people start to fall out of love with it. I see it at the young level all the time, they fall out of love with it or quit it for another sport then they come back to it later.
Obviously if you don’t love the sport or someone is forcing you to play, you should have the choice to not play but I think if you are on the fence, you should stay with it.
Football is a great sport. Especially in this community. Everybody is going to be there to help you. That doesn’t matter what sport it is or what your gender is. The coaching staff, the community is going to be behind you. It’s a great support system.
Football is a great way to get involved with your community and make memories you are never going to forget.
Editor's Note: Photos of Ford courtesy of Joe LaRocca.

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