Getting to Know Cheyanne Rohde: Question and Answer Session with Standout Swimmer

By Chris Johnson on April 04, 2021 via

What’s your favorite movie?
The Outsiders
Who is the best high school athlete you have competed against?
Definitely (Buckhannon-Upshur’s) Cadence Vincent. She’s insane. She’s been my biggest competition ever since she started.
Favorite subject in school?
You have to go into quarantine, what three items do you make sure you have with you?
My phone, a bunch of fruit trays and flavored waters.
What meet of your career sticks out the most?
I have two meets that really stick out to me. The first one was Zones in 2019, my freshman year. That’s the first time I ever got my nat cut for backstroke and it was just a very memorable moment for me.
The second one was nationals in Greensboro, North Carolina and it just really opened my eyes on how wide the competition is out there.
Describe Coach Grisso and Coach Madden in one word.
For Coach Grisso I’d pick thoughtful and for Coach Madden I’d say energetic. She’s always just so happy.
Celebrity Crush?
KJ Apa
Besides being able to swim again, what is the best part of spring being on the way?
I just love the warmer weather. It brightens my mood and makes me feel so much happier with doing anything.
Any secret talents that most people would be surprised to know you have?
I’m very double jointed. Like, my shoulder blade will go out and it’s really weird.
Who’s the funniest swimmer on the BHS swim team?
Marcel Rodriguez
Where’s one place in the world you have never been to that you would like to visit?
Favorite meal?
I love steak and on the side some broccoli and cheese and a baked potato.
Favorite pro or college athlete?
Natalie Coughlin
Favorite pro or college team?
Team USA in the Olympics
2020 was a rough year for everybody, what’s one positive you can take from it?
Definitely that you can’t take people in your life for granted. You have to love every minute you have with the people you have with you.
The coolest animal at the zoo?
Peacocks, they are just so pretty.
Most memorable sports moment you have had as a fan?
When my brother was in high school, he went to Bridgeport. It was kind of nasty but he missed an event and turned around and shattered his hand by punching the wall and I will never forget that.
What’s one thing it seems like everybody you know likes but you can’t stand?
I don’t get the hype of a lot of the clothing choices nowadays. I don’t understand it. I’ll wear sweatpants and a t-shirt and I will be happy.
The best thing on TV right now is?
I just finished Boy Meets World on Disney+. I love that show.
What is the most important thing being an athlete at BHS has taught you?
You definitely have to push yourself. Everybody’s expectations of Bridgeport are a lot higher. You have a lot of expectations to live up to.
There’s a young kid in the community just getting into sports, what advice do you give him or her?
Even if it’s not perfect right away, stick with it. It will get better. You can’t just stop.
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