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By Rosalyn Queen on April 29, 2021 from The Grapevine via

Last week I reported that the Grapevine was coming from Richmond, Virginia.  I did not mean to be evasive but my intentions were to tell you “the rest of the story” this week.
My son and I made the trip because we had an appointment at the Coleman Institute for Addiction Medicine.  At this clinic they provide treatment for addictions.
The treatment involves detox and an initial implant treatment.  The implant is Naltrexone.  While the implant is in the body, it greatly increases the chances of the patient staying abstinent.  It is virtually impossible to relapse.  The Coleman Institute feels strongly that the patient should be on Naltrexone therapy well beyond the detox stage.  After the initial implant there is a plan that the patient should have for three two month implants.  This will prevent the patient from relapsing back to narcotic use and gives them a chance to start making changes in their lives.
On the first visit to the clinic, you plan on staying for a week as an out patient.  During this time the patient receives daily shots and medication is supplied to help with the detox process.  You must have someone accompany you and administer the medicine. You will not be allowed to,drive.  On the sixth day the chip is inserted in the stomach by minor surgery.  You will be allowed to return to the hotel but must stay in the event of any complications.  You will be supplied with medicine, in the event of an infection from the incision and to help with the fatigue and any other detox symptoms.  
Now your next question might be why am I becoming so public with this.  My answer is that I know and I am sure that you know we have a drug epidemic here in our area. I feel certain that this treatment can work. It is a little costly and cannot be for the homeless without some financial help.  But how many doctors, lawyers, businessmen’s children do you know that have a problem.  Do we not admit to it?  Do we hide it under the rug and fool ourselves.  Then comes the day when we find them dead. And still it is hard to accept.  There is no addict that wants to be an addict. All addictions are diseases of the brain. It is an abnormality of the brains pleasure center.  The clinic states that they believe anyone can recover but they have to be honest, open minded and willing to put forth maximum effort.
Before I left I asked the doctor if there was any chance of getting a clinic in our area.  I feel the need in this tri city area is tremendous and I am talking about financially able families.  She said that soon they would be opening  one in Dayton, Ohio.  After I had witnessed the awful act of detoxification, in my heart I wanted to have a way to help all those individuals suffering from addiction.  This is a small price to pay to have your child whole and healthy. You and I both know there are no guarantees but it is sure worth the try.  Get the courage and move forward with this today.
If you are interested please call the Coleman Institute, in Richmond, Virginia, at 804 353 1230.  Tell them Mrs. Queen told you to call.
It is very hard to end this column, there are some images that I will never erase, but until next week “ Now You Have Heard It through The Grapevine.”


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