The Grapevine: Canning for Winter, Vegetable Finds, an Upcoming Concert, Fried Zucchini, and a Lot More

By Rosalyn Queen on September 21, 2023 from The Grapevine via

Well, the Queen cupboard is getting full in preparation for winter.  I have canned six pints of fried peppers to use on hoagies.  Next, I canned six pints of pepper rings, which I will love having this winter with minestra. 
I have just finished putting down my pomodra saliata or should I say my green tomatoes in the crock.  I noticed on Facebook that there were some individuals wanting to know about making this recipe.  You can find it in my cookbook. My last thing to can will be mushrooms in peppers and sauce and fungi saliata or mushrooms in the crock.  Now this will depend on my getting mushrooms.  Then I will be ready for winter.
Talking about mushrooms reminds me that I had breakfast with my friend Mary Barnett.  Mary’s husband shares his mushroom finds with me and she is hopeful that he will be locating some in the near future.  I understand the weather is the determining factor as to if there will be a bumper crop.  I think the rain is important in bringing up the mushrooms but then I hear the heat may prevent them from growing.  Let’s just keep our fingers crossed.
I’ll also share with you my vegetable finds.  The Clarksburg Farmers Market has a wonderful selection of vegetables.  My basket of thin skin red peppers was great and as sweet as candy. We are expecting two young men to bring their crop of pumpkins in the next week. We all need one or two to decorate with, and let’s support the young entrepreneurs.
I hope that you will all plan to attend the John Angotti and Friends concert that will be held at the Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center on Sunday, Sept. 24.  This will be the Clarksburg Emmy Awards –an all-star lineup of the area’s best entertainers. Be sure to get your tickets soon.
Ruby Oldaker and I made our monthly trip to visit our cousin in Elkins. We left early enough to have lunch at C.J. Maggie’s in Buckhannon. Along with our lunch we had a plate of fried zucchini. This is one of my favorite appetizers.  I have eaten them in several places, and I vote these as one of the best. 
It was a beautiful day for a drive, and it will not be long before the beauty of nature displays itself.  It looked as though gold dust had been placed on the edges of the trees just waiting for the leaves to burst out in all the fall colors. Treat yourself to drive up to Elkins this fall to enjoy the beauty of our state.  You can also plan a meal at Fish Hawk Acres located in Buckhannon.
Happy birthday to my dearest friend Becky Sprout.  We have maintained a close friendship since our school days at Broadway School.  Many more in good health and thanks for the memories.  A get well wish to Shirley Oliverio.  May she be on the mend soon.
It is time to put away those white clothes and get out your fall sweaters. Clean out your closets and get rid of those items that you no longer wear. The clothes banks in the area will be glad to receive them.  With the economy in the current situation there are many families who will need these items this winter.  Please help our community. Remember they are always in need of sheets and blankets.
Hope you enjoy all the tidbits in this week’s column. Stay safe, stay healthy and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

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