The Grapevine: Finding Italian, Bridgeport-Based Food and More with Quick Little Road Trip North on I-79

By Rosalyn Queen on September 23, 2021 from The Grapevine via

This past week I had an appointment at West Virginia University to see my eye doctor.  After three surgeries it seems that we may have corrected the problem.  Although my vision is not 100 percent, it is getting better, and I look forward to a complete healing.
Michael was the appointed child to take me this time and after receiving the good news from the doctor he decided to treat me to a trip around Morgantown.  I had never been to the Pierpont section and was delighted when this was where our tour led us. 
Our first stop was at the Almost Heaven Coffee Shop.  Victoria Simon, daughter of James and Patty is running the shop.  It is larger than the Bridgeport location but is decorated in such good taste.  There is also outdoor seating, and the menu seems to be the same as the Bridgeport location.  After a coffee and bagel, we proceeded to our next stop.
If you are looking for good Italian food, you must make a point to stop at San Marzano Italian Market.  It is located just a short distance from Almost Heaven.  In it you will find almost every Italian meat and cheese you could wish for. 
I came out with prosciutto, capicola and several different salamis. DeLallo and Oliverio's had a large selection of their products there. 
It was around lunch time and there were many people there getting sandwiches and salads. I urge you to stop there for special treats.  I was pleasantly surprised while checking out to run into Father Tony Cincinnati.  He was getting a sandwich and he advised me he is at St. Francis in Morgantown.  We took a few minutes to catch up on everyone in Clarksburg.  He looked great and it was so nice to see him again.
I am sure if you are like me that there is a lot to see in Morgantown, so plan an afternoon browsing there.
I would be remiss if I did not mention COVID. I am at the point that I am getting scared.  I stay confined to my home most of the time. I keep myself busy reading, sometimes a novel a day.  Thanks to the wonderful Bridgeport librarians.
I am planning on getting my booster.  I personally think that everyone should get vaccinated, but then that is a decision each individual must make for themselves.  It did not seem to affect me until close friends and family started to pass.  It almost seems that I am a boat on the water without oars and cannot direct myself in the right direction.  I guess we are the safest by staying at home.  Those trips to the drug store, the market and the post office require a mask for our own safety.  Please take care of yourself and stay healthy.
A happy birthday to my friend Becky Sprout.  We had a wonderful luncheon.
It is safe to plan an automobile trip to the mountains to enjoy the beautiful leaves. I think they are going to be so pretty this year.
I pray that each of you will be safe and will stay healthy and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”
Editor's Note: Photo from the San Marzano Italian Market Facebook page.

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