The Grapevine: Fond Memories of a Friend Who Was More Like Family

By Rosalyn Queen on August 26, 2021 from The Grapevine via

Last Saturday I attended a memorial service for Rose Mazza Vallelonga.  
Since she lived her entire life in East View, it was only right that the service be held at the East View Community Center.  
Although we were not really blood relatives, it just seemed that we were family. The closeness came from living next door and from sharing every part of our family.  She was my sister’s Godmother. Her sister was my godmother. He husband was my son’s Godfather and Brenda and my sister Cathy were as close as any two sisters could be and still Iiving next door to each other.  
Hostesses for the event were her daughter, Brenda Tacey and her sons, Paul and Steve. There were many friends and neighbors who attended throughout the afternoon, but it was especially great to see all the nieces and nephews who came from Michigan and Ohio.  All the memories we shared were so positive and no one really knew all she did for everyone. May she rest in peace.
You all may have to help me settle this little problem I seem to have developed.
This week I had plans to go away for four days on a mini vacation.  But with the sudden spike in COVID I decided it best to stay home.  
Since the trouble with my eye I have not been able to read much, but decided I would get a few books to take with me to fill in the time.  
I called the Bridgeport Library and they got three books ready for me.  Most of my readers know that Danielle Steele is my favorite author but recently I have been reading a lot of Kristin Hannah.  The librarian recommended “The Great Alone” and sent it to me.  After I had read the first half, I started feeling as though I had read it before.  It started feeling as though I knew what was going to happen.  But there was not enough of this feeling to make me put it down.  Now the strange part is that at the end I felt I knew what was going to happen but not how.  Now the question to you is, what happened?
She also sent me “Winter Garden” by Hannah and I enjoyed it also.  Most of her books have strong women as characters. And the struggles they face in life.
I urge you all to attend the Italian Festival.  The board is certainly trying to present a modified festival and still observing the COVID guidelines.  Speaking of COVID I realize we must all be careful, because I think it has come back.  If you have not been vaccinated please rethink getting the shot, it will be better for your health and for those you come in contact with.
My tomato plant is like the Energizing Bunny.  It just s keeps giving and giving.  I look forward to getting up in the morning, getting my coffee and sitting on my patio enjoying a hand full of my grape tomatoes.  They are so sweet.
Be sure to keep your basil pinched back.  As it starts to seed, take the bloom back.  My basil looks like a miniature tree.  If I take care of it I will have fresh basil late into the year
Take care, be safe from COVID and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”


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