The Grapevine: Gift of Mushrooms and What to do with Them as Part of the Beautiful Month of October

By Rosalyn Queen on October 15, 2020 from The Grapevine via

In the last column I wrote about my sentiments about the month of October.  With part of the month gone, I am confirming my feelings about this month.  
Not long after the first of the month I got my call from my dear friend, Mary Barnett that she was bringing me mushrooms and she did,  and since that day I have been sitting on my patio cleaning them.  To date I have a crock half full of mushroom “saliato” and just completed canning seven pints in sauce and peppers.  I still have several to clean and I may just cold pack them and use them this winter as appetizers, fried in flour and egg or fixed with a steak.  You know last year there were hardly any, but we are being compensated this year.
On to the second part of a wonderful October, my birthday. I kind of feel like a kid but I think being 81 affords me the right.  I woke up on Oct. 6 with a house full of beautiful flowers and I am one of those who loves fresh flowers.
Then I had breakfast with my friend, Cheryl Mehaulic, lunch with my cousin Ruby Oldaker, and her daughter Amy.  I closed out the evening with a wonderful dinner with my children and my sisters Joan and Cathy and their husbands who were able to join us.
The next day I had breakfast with Fray and the went to lunch with Mary Barnett.  This week my lifelong friend, Becky and I will get together for a meal.  Is that not a wonderful way to observe a birthday?  After that big celebration last year, I did not know if I would celebrate again but I did and look forward to next year. Now I get to look forward to my brother Bill and his wife Dani will be here this week to celebrate her birthday and mine.  Thanks to Mike, Marty. and Lisa and to all who sent wishes via email. 
Now. for the final part of my October trilogy.  The leaves.  Leslie and Dixon will be taking me to Harpers Ferry for my birthday.  They will be hiking the Appalachian trail.  I will not accompany them but will entertain myself at the hotel.
I want to visit the Candy museum that is located there.  And the Bridgeport librarian has stocked me up with a few good novels to read. If the weather cooperates the ride over and back will fulfill my thrill of seeing the change of color on the leaves.  Now you tell me if there is another month that can top this.
Just another short book review.  I read two books by author, Barbara Delinsky, and although I enjoyed both, I still feel that Kristen Hannah is a better author for my reading.
I want to encourage you to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, remember it will not last forever and you know what will be coming. Remember to get your flu shot.
Take care, stay safe and healthy and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”
Editor's Note: The beauty of the Chicken of the Woods mushroom is only surpassed by the taste after its preparation.  Rosalyn Queen examines one prior to the cleaning and preparation process.

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