The Grapevine: Hoping to See COVID-19 in Rearview Mirror as Possibility of Holidays Minus Family is Real

By Rosalyn Queen on November 12, 2020 from The Grapevine via

It seems as though it has been an eternity since this election has started.  But now it appears to be over.  My suggestion is that we accept the results and start living again.  My sincere thanks to everyone who voted for my grandson, Ben.  I am very proud of him and I am sure he will represent us well.  Thanks again from the Queen family
Now that the election is over, we are still living with the pandemic.  With the holidays arriving it seems impossible to plan gatherings for the holidays.  I love this time of year and I so look forward to celebrating with family and friends. 
From the current news.  Harrison County is still at the top of the spectrum with the Coronavirus.  My only advice is to follow the guidelines and try to stay healthy.  I also want to remind you to get you flu shot.  This may help you in fighting off the flu, which may then weaken your system for the virus. 
I am trying to think of plans to celebrate the holidays without getting the virus.  It just will not seem like Thanksgiving or Christmas without family.  My only hope is that the weather will be nice, maybe an Indian summer and we can eat outside on the patios.  But let’s all just try to get through one day at a time and pray it will soon be over.
My granddaughter, Miranda, and I have been able to spend some time together and we are both avid readers and have been exchanging some books.  She is working from home and will probably not return to Washington until the New Year. 
We discussed her Aunt Linda Lang Kalaygio who lives in Cleveland but follows us through The Grapevine.  We have such wonderful memories of the Lang family and all the social activities we attended together.  You know Dr. Matt is our connection at Cleveland Clinic.
I am trying some different butternut squash recipes which follow the Keto diet, and I will share them with you in the next columns. They might be a good substitute for sweet potatoes.
Just a reminder the PWA will be having a holiday bake sale on Dec. 4 and we will be having Pita Piata.  There will be several holiday treats for our customers.  Make plans to visit us.  There are still a few dates open for the dining room at the center for your holiday gathering.  We can socially distance for your event.
Take care stay healthy and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

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