The Grapevine: Looking Back at the Year of 2021 and Looking Ahead to Better Things in Year of 2022

By Rosalyn Queen on December 31, 2021 from The Grapevine via

Usually about every fourth column I say goodbye to one month and welcome in another month.  This column will provide the space to list all those great memories of 2021 and to think about what memories will be made in 2022. 
During 2021 I continued to be involved in many activities but not as many as in previous years because of the pandemic, so I think of individuals who contributed to my memory bank.
Because the memory is slow, I am going to work backwards.  Betty Kummer, Ruby Oldaker, and I were hosted to a lunch by Cindy Frederick and then she took us to see her new home at Maple Lake.  Beautiful home, wonderful lunch, and good friends. Betty, Ruby, and I go back to the days when our sons, all the same age went to school together, at least 50 years ago.
Taking a nap about three in the afternoon in my favorite chair, the phone rings and Cheryl and John Mihaulic make arrangements to pick me up for supper at Minards.  The evening was filled with wonderful memories of our families and of course the shenanigans Cheryl and I enjoyed. 
I think so frequently of the many evenings I spent with my son Mike at Almost Heaven enjoying a cup of coffee, but more so enjoying old friends and making new. 
A smile comes to my face when I think of Cathy Fisher, McKenna, Dominick, Mary Childers, Leslie, Kandy Kummer and many other enjoying the pool on those hot summer days. Usually, I just stuck my feet in. 
Those wonderful lunches at the Bridgeport Country Club with Jeannie McNabb and Rosemary Yerko.  Going to the movie with Lisa and Miranda Lang and Addison Ammons. I also derived great pleasure from the books from the Bridgeport Library.  Sometimes I read as many as six a week. A wonderful way to fill my evenings.
One of the highlights of the year was placing the stone on my grandfather’s grave, who lost his life in the Monongah Mine and we gathered as a family to recognize Giovanni Oliverio whose grave site had remained unmarked for over 100 years. 
I grieved the loss of many friends and acquaintances but especially My lifelong friend, Joe Bob Starkey.  Our memories go back to grade school.
A highlight every year is patiently waiting to see if Mary Barnett is going to call and advise me that she has mushrooms that John Has just brought out of the woods. 
What a wonderful experience it was making Easter bread and Pita Piata with Randall and Betty Waddy, Elinda Carson, and Laura Goff Davis.  The satisfaction and care my neighbor, Judy Ritz has provided me and the wonderful conversation over lunch with my new neighbor, Rosemary Maschio.
Well, the memory gets a little fuzzy, but you can see my days surround eating, reading exchanges with my friends and neighbors.  Surely, you would not believe me if I said I spent my time sky diving, tubing down a river or swimming the English Channel. But I ask you to just keep in mind that the above has provided me with as much happiness as any other activity could have.  Lest I forget I begin and end my day with a prayer to the BLESSED MOTHER.
Here comes 2022.  I want my days to be filled with my family and friends and a lovely lunch or dinner.  I want us all to be healthy and happy.  As I have become an old person, I pledge to not talk about what hurts. And not to do all those things that old people do that aggravate young people.  I hope that everyone I come in contact with will see the genuine love I have for them and how much happiness they bring into my life.
Try a little happiness and until next year “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine”

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