The Grapevine: Meet Carrie Davis, Miss Amazing '23

By Rosalyn Queen on June 01, 2023 from The Grapevine via

Every little girl, as she plays with her dolls, dreams of someday becoming a Queen and wearing a crown.  As time moves on, some of these dreams dissipate as the youngster concentrates on her future, on her dreams of becoming a nurse, an astronaut, a teacher, a member of law enforcement, serving her country or a host of others.  
Some young ladies even fulfill their dream of wearing a crown as she dedicates a portion of her life on the pageant circuit. You might only interview one of these contestants to find out just exactly how hard it is to pursue this dream.  It requires sacrifice, hard work, financial assistance, and the help of those around them.  But it surely must be worth it when their dream is fulfilled.
And so, the story of Carrie Davis.  She had this dream but did not work on it until later in life. Deep down she thought she might never be able to fulfill this dream.  
One day while looking through a magazine. She ran across an article outlining a contest for Miss Amazing.  She read all the details and the one requirement was that any girl with any “disability” could qualify.  Since Carrie deals with a cognitive disability this was exactly the contest that might put a crown on her head.  She entered the contest, did all the right things, and ultimately was crowned West Virginia Miss Amazing. 2023.  She will be traveling to Chicago next month to compete in the National Contest.
Carrie is a local young girl.  She works at the Looking Glass and volunteers in several community projects, especially at the Progressive Woman's Association.
Next week she will be traveling to Pennsylvania to crown the young lady who will capture the title of Miss Flamazing, 2023.  The State Director is Lacey Rae, and she will be accompanying Carrie.
Our community is backing Carrie with donations to help her in the national contest.  For more information, please call Queen at 304-838-4682.

The organization’s motto is “Always Remember to Wear Your Invisible Crown.”  A motto that carries much meaning.
It is so thrilling to see the excitement in Carrie.  No matter the outcome, some little girls’ dream has come true.  Good luck Carrie.
Stay happy, stay healthy and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

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