The Grapevine: More on Cancellation of Pair of Area Events and Praise for Bridgeport Public Library

By Rosalyn Queen on July 30, 2020 from The Grapevine via

It was with heartfelt sorrow that I had to cancel two events this past week.  The first was the Cancer Survivors dinner.  I was hosting this dinner and was so looking forward to it.  I wanted to have the opportunity to mix with other cancer survivors and to share our experiences on this journey that we have all been involved  in. 
You know it is so good to be able to interact with  individuals who have taught the battle of cancer and have won.  When we first started plans for this event we thought that we would have about 60 in attendance and this would be within the pandemic guidelines, but the number of reservations got bigger and the pandemic guidelines was reduced to 25 so we had no alternative but to cancel the event.  I just want to assure you that as soon as the pandemic guidelines are lifted we will have the dinner.  So to all those strong survivors, hang in there, 
The next event to be cancelled was the Progressive Women’s Association’s Women of Distinction Luncheon.  Our Celebrate America luncheon was to honor ten Harrison County Women who have distinguished themselves in our community especially in their volunteer efforts.  The slate of women to be recognized Was one of the strongest groups yet to be recognized.  They represented almost every facet of professionalism in our community and the volunteer efforts of each of them certainly make our community a better place to live. 
When we decided to go ahead with the luncheon we decided that we would keep the reservations to 60.  This was going to be a big cut because generally the attendance is at 100 or more.  When the new 25 guideline was released we new this to would have to be cancelled.  We will certainly reschedule this event as soon as the attendance restriction is lifted.  It is such a privilege to call attention and honor these individuals whose daily lives include giving back and “passing it on.”  Look for the announcement of the rescheduling date.
A lot of my days are spent watching my garden grow.  The zucchini have just about taken  over my patio and I  now have two green tomatoes.  The basil is beautiful and so wonderful in my tomato salad.  I enjoy so much watching  the birds congregate at the feeder.  I have a squirrel problem and I have decided to just let them enjoy the feeder also.  The best part about the squirrels is watching them get to the feeder and then the positions they get  in to  eat.
The Bridgeport Library is wonderful.  They have kept me supplied with reading material all month.  I just finished Danielle Steele’s newest Wedding Dress and Fern Michaels Truth and Justice.  A big thank you to the staff for being so helpful. 
A happy birthday to our friend Mark Queen. And to all you July Babies. A get well shout to Marge Robey for a speedy recovery.
Stay safe, stay healthy and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

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