The Grapevine: One Incredibly Fun Week

By Rosalyn Queen Alonso on April 18, 2019 from The Grapevine via

What a fun filled week I had.  It started at one end of the spectrum and ended at the other.  First I spent last Saturday at the Uptown Event Center.  The Rustic Mechanicals, a division of Vintage Theatre opened their sixth touring season with the presentation of  Measure for Measure.  This is a William Shakespeare play. It was produced by Jason Young and had a cast of great talent. The play was full of intrigue and a plot that kept the audience on the edge of their seats till the end.  The evening started with a dinner that too was intriguing.  You started with a salad with ramps, your choice of chicken, pork or vegetarian, delicious grilled carrots and grits.  After the play we were treated to a unique pie, dandelion and vinegar.  Well the name might fool you,  It Was delicious.Jeannie McNabb and her husband Jeff accompanied my son Mike and me.  If you have the opportunity to see one of the plays produced by VTC do so.  Their next will be Much Ado About Nothing. In June.  
Next on Saturday evening we attended the premier showing of the movie Mine 9 at he Robinson Grand Theatre.  This film was written and directed by Eddie Mensore.  It featured nine miners two miles underground with only one hour of oxygen.  Let me tell you that severAl years ago, a writer from a national magazine came to Clarksburg to write about the Italian festival and wantEd to get a feel about the immigrant experience.  Being the daughter of a miner and the granddaughter of a miner killed in the Monongha  Mine I wanted to go underground  and take my visitor underground and long story short I was able to make arrangements with a mine in Philippi to go underground.  We took a required safety course and suited up.  There is not enough space here to describe my feelings but let me assure you that as I viewed this movie many feelings came back to me about being two miles back in the ground. The scenes in the movie were very vivid but most of all. they told a poignant story. I sat  Beside two miners and at one point they left their seats for a few minutes to regain their composure.  After I got home I thought about my grandfather dying deep underground and it renewed my pride in all miners.  Congratulations to the West Virginians involved in this movie and to the Robinson Grand staff for bringing it to us.
In the middle of this week I attended Noreen Kirtner Franklins 70th birthday celebration.  It was hosted by het daughter in law and son.  Many more to her in good health  I also enjoyed a wonderful luncheon with Mary Childers.  When Mary is not helping sick individuals she is  helping animals.  What a kind individual she is.
One morning this week my phone rang and at the other end was my friend from San Giovanni in Fiore, Italy, Pietro Mazza.  What a wonderful surprise.  I had not talked to Pietro for a long time and it was great to catch up.  So for all of you who ask, he and Pasqualina are fine.  I do not know when they will be back but I hope soon.  I promised that I will return to San Giovanni very  soon, perhaps for the last time,  but it is a real part of me.
Most of my family will be out of town for Easter so we had Easter dinner on Palm Sunday at Leslie and Dixons home.  We are preparing for the Italian Festival gala when my granddaughter , Miranda, will start her farewell as Regina Maria 40.  I urge you to attend this event and support the festival.
I also want to remind you to make arrangements to attend the Secretaries luncheon.  Please treat those individuals who make your office run smoothly.  This will give you the opportunity to see Jason Young who will be entertaining us. Call 304-6246881 for reservations.
A happy birthday to Virgil Smith.
I will be making a trip to donate my items that I have collected as my Lenten project.  One item a day or forty in all, one for each day.  I hope you all were able to fulfill your Lenten project.
A Happy Easter to everyone and until next week "Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine."

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