The Grapevine: Prepping for Thanksgiving with Friends and Family

By Rosalyn Queen Alonso on November 16, 2018 from The Grapevine via

There was ice on my windshield this week and I have seen several trees now totally leafless which means to me that fall is here.
My plans recently are to pack away my Halloween decorations and get out my Thanksgiving decorations. As I was planning to do this my memory kept going back to the gospel this Sunday and the message the priest brought to the congregation. It was about loving God and your neighbor. It was a beautiful sermon and very meaningful. 
At 79 years old, I know how important love is in my life.
I want to be loved and I truly want to love my family and friends. When push comes to shove what else do we have? I continue to share with both of my former husbands. I have a lot of wonderful memories from both and I choose not to dwell on anything else. I enjoy a wonderful relationship with my children's former spouses and remind myself everyday they are the parents of my wonderful grandchildren. I have a wonderful relationship with my siblings and their families.
For my former workers I choose to remember all the good and funny incidents. Sometimes I still say hurtful words but I immediately ask for forgiveness or try to correct the situation. We have nothing else in this world than to love and be loved. As someone has said "try it you'll like it." I say "try it you will love it."
In November we honor the blessed mother on her appearance at Fatima. She visited my home twice through the statue from our church. It meant so much to me that I purchased my own statue and now she is with me permanently. When I feel so alone in the evening I realize that she is here with me and I Now find comfort in that.
I hope no one finds offense in my previous remarks but it is better late than never to get things straight and to highlight what is really important in life. 
Fall means we must get ready for Thanksgiving. We have decided that we will all go to the BCC for the buffet. This is different and I think what my mother would say but mom times have changed and the important thing is that we are together. I plan on fixing a few things to piece on in the evening. I know my mom thought that part of being thankful was preparing that big meal for everyone. "Mom times have changed." And I am thankful for all the times we gathered at your home to enjoy your food and the sharing with all our family. You certainly built the foundation for our family closeness. I have such wonderful memories of gathering in that small kitchen and enjoying your Thanksgiving meal always with an Italian touch.
We are planning on gathering the weekend after Thanksgiving to make our annual pita piatas. It is so great to realize that my sister Joan and I can sit back and give orders while the younger generation along with Cathy gets the job done. I must mention my godmother Lena Garrett who taught me to make them as a little girl in the basement of her home in Rosemont. It is her recipe that we still use 70 years later. It is a wonderful feeling to know that they can all make a decent dish of pasta, they know how to make pitas, they know the basics of canning peppers and I think they could make Easter bread, the traditions live on.
My cookbook is traveling on. Leslie gave a copy to Tv detective Joe. Kendra's wife on a recent cruise they went on with them. We are just about at the end of the cookbook. There are not many left. Stop at Tomorrow's Bakery and get a few for sticking stuffers.
I am continuing my chemo and I know that with maybe two more I will be at the end of this journey. I only pray that I will have good results. I know that I will always live with the fear of a recurrence. But whatever days I have left they will be full of love and my being ornery. Get ready I plan on being here for a long time and being my old self.
Take care, get caught up in that love bug and until next week "Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine."

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