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By Rosalyn Queen on August 05, 2021 from The Grapevine via

Since the pandemic I have been faithful about attending mass through EWTN on television.  I have been to church several times, but just about the time I was going to go back I got this eye condition and could not drive.  So, I continue to attend mass at 8 a.m. with EWTN.
I have found that I seem to get more out of mass by attending this way.  Maybe because I can hear so much better and there are no distractions. The readings are so much clearer, and the sermon seems to be directed to me.
Anyway, this past Sunday the priest spoke of grandparents.  He announced that Pope Francis had proclaimed the fourth Sunday in July as Grandparents Day.  What a wonderful day this is and even if you missed it last Sunday, this Sunday would do, and as a matter of fact how about one Sunday a month.
First, there are those of us whose grandparents have all passed away.  Pictures and memories can fill the day.  We must write down all the memories we have for future generations.  If there are older generations left, we should talk to them and compile their memories of our grandparents.  If not, you will be surprised at the memories you have of your grandparents from when you were young.  
I had two grandmothers and a step grandfather in my life.  My grandmother Burnett lived with us, and my grandmother Winnie lived in North View.  If I close my eyes, I can see both of them, with their aprons on sitting in a chair reciting their rosary daily. I remember my grandma Burnett and her love for gardening and her hot houses where she raised plants for sale.  I remember going almost every Sunday to my Grandma Winnies house for dinner.  
 One Sunday we had pasta. And the next we had chicken pastina. I never had much conversation with my grandmother Burnett because she never spoke English, but we did have a broken way of communicating that we learned some of our history.  My other grandmother did communicate with us about our family history and because I did not write it down, I have lost some of it.
Now to those who have grandparents still living you are indeed blessed. And you have the opportunity to learn because our grandparents are our roots.  They are responsible for passing on our faith.  Their wisdom and memories are passed on to us and it is our duty to keep them alive.  There are lengths between generations, but it is up to us to keep them alive.
I urge you to start a family history and write down all the information you collect.  Our grandparents are our best source of family information and collect it before it is too late.  A very happy belated. Grandparents Day and remember every day can be grandparents’ day.  If you are lucky enough to have grandparents, then savor the days with them, they will enjoy talking with you.
I hope you are enjoying the summer season and if you are a gardener that you are enjoying your harvest.  Remember to plan a mini vacation somewhere in West Virginia.
Take care, stay cool and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

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