The Grapevine: Recalling the Life of Julie Chesire and More Quarantine and Family Talk during Pandemic

By Rosalyn Queen on May 28, 2020 from The Grapevine via

It was a nice Friday morning and I just finished having breakfast with my granddaughter, Miranda.  It was a very enjoyable time as we had the opportunity to talk and she updated me on her work with American University and how she is able to work from home.  When she left she advised me that I should tell Ben Queen that she was my favorite grandchild; must be a Queen thing.
This week passing time, I decided that I would do some tracing and try to find out some things about my father.  In the early 30's he joined the Marines and was sent to Nicquaraga.  He spent two years in the service and upon returning home he could not find work so he became a part of the CC Camp.  I intend to go to the CC museum at Quite Dale and see what not I can find there.
I think the internet may be helpful in helping me find information about his Marine life.  I remember being told that he made himself a year older so he could enlist.  I do not know what the age was but I do think it must have been 18.
I am excited to get into this research and share it with my family.
I still think that social distancing and the mask are the best we can do to keep ourselves safe.  I continue to wear my mask when I am out.  I keep one in my car and one in my purse.  They do aggravate me some time but I still think for my own safety it is the best thing to do.  I was thinking just what is the best way to disinfect them if you wear them more than once.  If you are wearing the paper ones, they should be discarded after each use.  The cloth ones can be washed on hot water with a disinfectant, rinsed and dried in a hot dryer.  Be sure to remove the filter if there is one in the mask. Store clean masks in a sealed container.
Quarantine can be a learning experience.  Be sure to stay connected with friends and family.  Get out on sunny days. And listen to your favorite music.  Try rekindling old friendships.  Now is the time to send “thinking of you”. Cards.  But most importantly do not lose hope. 
I have had a very heavy heart recently upon learning of the death of Julie Starkey Cheshire.
My condolences to her husband, Bobby and to her dad, Joe Bob and Karen, her brother and son. Her mother and dad and I grew up sharing friendships from junior high school.  They too were a part of our East View group. Ours was a close, lasting  relationship and Julie shared the same relationship with my daughters Lisa and Leslie, being so close in age.  Not long ago she shared the afternoon with me and then she and Bobby and I had a wonderful meal at Oliverio,s.  May she Rest In Peace. 
Be healthy, keep  safe and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

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