The Grapevine: Recalling the Lives of Two Friends and Celebrating Birthdays while Learning about Words

By Rosalyn Queen on January 20, 2022 from The Grapevine via

I guess this column is going to confirm just how bored I am or it might confirm my interest in new words that are being used and my intention to know the correct meaning.
The word I have become obsessed with is WOKE.  My schooling and addicted reading confirms to me that “woke” is a verb which would be the past tense of “wake.”  When I listen to the news broadcast on television and I hear, mostly politicians use the word woke I cannot come out with any association of wake.  So I had a little conservation with Alexa and here is what she told me.
When using the word “woke” as a verb it is the past tense of wake.  But the word woke when used otherwise refers to issues concerning social and racial issues.  But now you might be able to explain to me just why we cannot say social or racial issues. But I guess it will take someone smarter than me to come up with this answer.
I hope that this has helped you to understand a little better what the newscasters are talking about.
I wanted to spend a few lines talking about my sister Joan who is celebrating her 85th birthday.  She is one of a kind and since she is a little older than me, I have really never known life without her.  The ironic thing is that only for a short stint of her living in Kentucky we have really never been separated. 
So, when you think of 82 years there are really a lot of memories.  I could fill this blog with memories if they would allow it but some of those memories are just for me.  We were maids of honor for each other, we had babies just three weeks apart.  We vacationed together at Rehoboth Beach for many years.  We spent many times camping, enjoying family celebrations and just quite times together talking. 
I was so proud of her when she went back to college raising three kids, got her degree, and then was named as director of the Career Center.  She has enjoyed a lifetime of accomplishments and now in her retirement years, she and her husband, Virgil, have had the opportunity to enjoy and spend time with their children, grandchildren and even three greats.  I thank her for being my sister but most of all for being one of my best friends,
And lest I forget she shares her birthday with our brother, Bill, who I must mention.  I think I have the best brother in the world but then don’t all sisters. Although he lives in Florida, he still maintains a home here and we get to be together almost monthly.  I feel sorry for those who do not share a relationship with their brothers. My sisters Joan and Cathy know that he was the apple of our mom’s eye, but that’s okay; now he is the apple of our eye.
So, to the best brother and sister a very Happy Birthday and many more in good health.
My heart is broken that I have not been able to spend time with the families of John Oliverio and Patty Zara.  I will be having eye surgery again next week and am trying to be very careful about getting the virus.  I know that they understand, but both families are an extension of my family.  My sympathy to three Zara girls and their father and to all the Oliverio children and their families.  I hope that soon we will be able to get together.
I hope you are all staying warm and healthy.  Take care and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine. “

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