The Grapevine: Talk on Local Produce and Canning

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on September 22, 2022 from The Grapevine via

The last couple of Saturday mornings I have been helping out at the Clarksburg Farmers Market, which is held at the parking lot next to Tractor Supply. Bill Yoke and Betty Waddy seem to run things.  The produce there is very nice, and I would recommend you getting vegetables there.
The tomatoes and peppers are very fresh and beautiful I size and color.  You can also find fresh peaches and corn on the cob.  I have seen the largest heads of cabbage ever there.  There is one vendor who has fresh honey and just about every week you may find different vegetables.
I want to call your attention to the fact that there are free vendor coupons for individuals who qualify income wise.  You may get your questions answered at the information table and if you qualify you can get your vouchers there. These vouchers can be used to purchase West Virginia products.
While attending the Lions Club spaghetti dinner this week I ran into Delores Wilson, and she advised me she had been canning and had about 150 jars of vegetables put up. When I got home I got to thinking about this and decided this would be a good thing for us to do. With inflation hitting us in the pocket on food, canning might be the way to stretch our food budget.  Some suggestions I have are apple sauce, peppers, tomatoes and try canning some cabbage to use in your soup this winter.  I have noticed the price on canned vegetables, and you might be ahead to can green beans and corn.
If you are not a yearly canner then you would have to invest in jars, but once you have them you can use them each year.  I suggest that you shop around at flea markets and yard sales to find jars.  Of course, you will have to have new lids each year and rings are reusable.
Some of you do freeze vegetables but most people I have talked to are saving their freezer space for meat, which has also escalated in price.
If you are new at this, just try a few to make sure they turn out good and you do not waste money on vegetables and jars.  Good luck on trying a little canning.
There are several organizations having fund raisers this fall, and I encourage you to support them.  So many organizations have great projects that mean so much to our community. And your support helps them to continue their services.
Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and do not forget to lookout for those mushrooms.  Take care and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”
Editor's Note: Photos from the Clarksburg WV Farmers Market Facebook page.

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