The Grapevine: The Beauty of Growing Zucchini in the Garden and a Recipe for the Italian Dish Tiella

By Rosalyn Queen on June 10, 2021 from The Grapevine via

The month of June has arrived in all its glory.  It is so beautiful to see the trees heavy with the green foliage.  The green grass that keeps all the homeowners busy mowing, all the beautiful trees with their colorful buds and the flowers blooming in all their glory. 
Everyone should appreciate the works of Gods hand in the beauty of the season.
So, as I enjoy all the beauty of the season from my seat on my patio, I look at my little garden Cathy and Dan Fisher got for me, and I see the little zucchini getting ready for some of my favorite dishes.  For most of us zucchini means tiella.  This season makes me yearn for that first tiella. Yes, I know we can just about get a zucchini any time at the local market, but that is not the same as using one that has come from the West Virginia soil. 
Just a short refresher on making tiella.  Slice about two medium zucchinis in half inch slices.  Peel four or five medium potatoes and slice them, circle wise and slice two onions and slice four or five peppers, sweet, hot, or mixed. Use a large can of tomato sauce.  Prepare four or five cloves of garlic and chop a fourth cup of fresh basil.  Place a couple tablespoons of oil in a Dutch oven and layer ingredients starting with potatoes and continuing until all ingredients are used ending with top layer of zucchini.  Place several tablespoons of sauce between layers topped with seasonings.  End with sauce on top layer.  Bake at 350, covered for another one hour. Remove from oven and add Parmesan cheese to top, return to oven and bake for about another hour. 
Serve from pan with salad and plenty of bread.  Great vegetarian meal.
Another great zucchini dish is zucchini boats. Get three medium size zucchini and lice on half lengthwise.  Spoon out center of zucchini, remove seeds and chop meat of zucchini.  Mix one box of Stovetop Stuffing with zucchini meat, chopped peppered, and onions.  Place back in shell.  Top with cheese and bake for about 50 minutes remove from oven and serve hot with your favorite meat and salad.
Nothing beats fried zucchini as an appetizer.  With the new air fryers, they are a cinch to make crispy.  Slice either length wise or as French fries.  Use a beaten egg and flour, add a little garlic salt and fry until brown on both sides.  Serve with ranch dressing for dipping.
Congratulations to all the graduates, it looks like life is returning to normal.  It is time to enter into the next step of your life.
I feel like this column is some type of medical journal, but due to all the calls I get, I will update you on my condition.  I had detached retina surgery and it appears that everything is going to be okay.  I still have floaters and sometimes I see two of you.  This can be good and a little scary.  The doctors and staff at Ruby were wonderful.  If you are going to be sick, it is great to have nice people around you.
I have said that this was scarier than the “C” diagnosis, but you know that man upstairs is still taking care of me. Thank you to all my friends and especially my angel, Ruby Oldaker, and my neighbor Judy Ritz.  I will be trying to drive a little this week, so be sure to watch for me.
Take care, be healthy and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

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