The Grapevine: What Kind of Teabag Would You Be?

By Rosalyn Queen on April 21, 2020 from The Grapevine via

“A women is like a tea bag, she never knows her strength till she gets put in hot water.”  I do not know who to credit this saying to, but I heard it somewhere last week and it’s been weighing on my mind since then.
This morning I am a chamomile tea bag. I am relaxing, enjoying the day and even napping a bit.
I passed over the Wuyi Oolong Tea, just because I am not to happy about the origin of the virus.
Yesterday it was Organic Peppermint and I was as fresh and vibrant as a teenager.
When I choose the English Breakfast Tea I can pretend I am a true Queen and I keep my crown straight.
When I feel like I am slipping on my diet a cup of Green Tea reminds me of my goals.
Cinnamon Tea reminds me that a candy bar is not what I need to get me off my diet. It gives me the strength I need to continue on my diet
And last of all a cup of Black Tea with a touch of orange rind and sweet spice reminds me I have the strength to continue. The hot water only
makes me feel better.
My question to you is what tea bag are you?  When the hot water comes, jump in a tub of bubbles, relax, and grab the world by the tail. Then choose that refreshing cup of tea, look in the mirror and  say “ Come on world, I am ready.” Our strength never leaves us, we just have to revive it.  Good luck.
I feel optimistic that we are nearing the end of this virus. I truly hope so and I look forward to returning to  a normal life. I miss a hug from a friend.  I miss having breakfast with my family.  I miss my PWA family and I miss going to church. But I am thankful for being in good health and that my family is safe and healthy.  I hope the same for all of you.
All you ladies have a cup of tea and until next week “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine. 

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