Wellness Watch: Talking Tabata, Barre, Yoga & More with Fitness Instructor Sierra Davis

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As we spring into 2022, Connect-Bridgeport launches a new blog, concentrating on all things health and wellness. "Wellness Watch" is brought to you by Healthy Harrison's Change Your State, an initiative which features five pillars: Move, mind, eat, connect and purpose. Change Your State is a product of Bridgeport's win of the 2020 Health Games and is currently hosting a third round of weight loss challenges. Visit
Today we feature fitness instructor Sierra Davis, who offers information about group fitness classes and advice about the journey to better health. 
Tell us about yourself ... Hi! My name is Sierra Davis and I am 24 years old. My parents are Robbie Davis and Betty Post Davis, I have a younger sister, Kaylee, a brother Will, and a 4-year old niece that I absolutely adore, Jeweliana. I grew up in Clarksburg, WV and recently returned here after graduating from West Virginia University. I just opened a small business called “by the Sie,” a social media management company that started as a hobby during the beginning of the pandemic and quickly grew to be my career. I am also the Entertainment Coordinator for Brickside Bar & Grille and teach workout classes and dance classes. In my spare time, I love, love, love to cook, spend time with my friends and cousins, travel and try new things and recipes.
Tell us about your fitness certifications and specialties ... As of right now, I am certified in Body Barre, Total Body Tabata and Kidding Around Yoga (yoga for children 2-10 years old!) I started teaching Barre in Morgantown almost four years ago and since then I have moved on to teach at a fairly new gym in Clarksburg called Rent Gym Time- better known as RGT Studio. The business itself doesn’t hire you, you actually rent the space yourself. It’s so beautiful and my clientele is just the best. It’s one of my favorite places in Clarksburg to be. In my Barre class you can expect a full body workout. We start out with low-impact cardio and go through just about every muscle in your body that you wouldn’t typically work; inner and outer thighs, seat, arms, lower back, etc. High reps, lots of pulsing and pressing, light weight. The workout got the name “Barre” because a lot of exercises you’re using a ballet barre for support. It’s very unique for many reasons but it’ll help your muscles tone, we do stretches in between to elongate your muscles rather than making them bulk, it’s awesome for improving posture and flexibility. 
I just recently received my certification in Tabata and have my first class this Monday, January 24 at Main Street Fitness in Bridgeport- be sure to sign up on the MindBody app! I have been taking classes on and off when home from college since MSF opened it’s doors. When I was asked if I wanted to become an instructor, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Tabata is a high-intensity interval training with blocks of fast-paced exercises performed for 20 seconds and a 10 second rest in between each one. When taking my Tabata class you can expect 45 minutes split between weight training and cardio. My playlist is awesome and it’ll be difficult not to stay motivated.
Why do you recommend group workouts?
In my personal experience I think it’s more beneficial to workout in a classroom setting than at your house alone. When I participate in group fitness I always try to think of teamwork mentality, you don’t want to let your “teammates” down. It’s easier to hold yourself accountable, to keep going and pushing yourself to the best of your ability. When I try to workout on my own, i have no one to say "you can do this” and give up LOL.
What is your favorite healthy meal?
Like I said before I love to cook, so I’m not sure if I can necessarily choose my favorite healthy meal but I try to eat fatty fish, lots of greens and tomatoes or a huge salad because you can do so many different things with it. But just because you’re eating a salad doesn’t mean it’s healthy. I never use a ton of ingredients when I cook- just salt, pepper, fresh garlic, lemon juice and fresh herbs like basil or oregano. Anything fresh or from the farmer’s market is my favorite healthy meal. I think it’s more important to eat in moderation, mostly because I could never give up pasta and pizza.
How do you work health and fitness into your lifestyle? 
I believe that I’ve always been a fairly healthy person. And I’ve always been a very busy person. But I think that’s what works best for me, so it’s easier to fit a workout in because I am always on the go. I make myself an itinerary almost every day, so I have an estimate of what time I’m doing what. I grew up watching my parents work out everyday after work. My dad had an at-home gym and my mom would go to our basement and watch a workout video. I feel like half of my childhood was spent at the YMCA. My sister and I were active in sports. So to say I lucked out having my family as an example would be an understatement. I was six years old working out with my parents. I had a 6-pack and could do more pull-ups then than I can now LOL! But I think it’s extremely important that my parents taught us healthy habits and clean eating as we grew up, it’s something we need to see more of. 
As I grew up what kept me in line was dance. I started dancing at age two, but became serious about it in high school. From the ages of 15-18, Monday through Friday I would go to school and be at the dance studio from 4 to 9 p.m. My Saturdays consisted of intensive training and on Sundays I was usually taking a private lesson. I then continued my dance career in college as a member of the WVU Dance Team, so on top of the diligent schedule of practices and sporting events, we were required to attend three workouts a week as well. 
What led to your pursuit of becoming a fitness instructor?
I never planned on becoming a fitness instructor, but when it was time to retire from dance I knew I had to stay active. One of my former teammates contacted me about a local yoga studio in Morgantown hiring new instructors and going through a barre certification program - so here I am!  
What is your advice on incorporating healthy habits?
It can be intimidating to start something new or to try and figure out this “healthy lifestyle," so what has helped me the most is starting small, finding something you love and incorporating it into your routine. There are plenty of workouts that I don’t enjoy, so I stick to the ones I do - mostly those that involve some kind of routine or dance like Rumble, Barre or a trampoline class. Being healthy isn’t just about your figure and what you’re putting in your body. It is, of course, about moving your body, but most importantly taking care of your mind. Maybe wake up and tell yourself a few affirmations or two. You may not believe it at first, but you will soon and you’ll become that affirmation as well. Read ingredients on your food. Buy wholesome products that make you full. Limit your social media intake. Wake up 45 minutes earlier. And if you want to do something, just do it. Regardless of the looks you get, the things people say. I’ve learned that if I wouldn’t ask a person for advice, I shouldn’t care what they think about me.
What is a quote you'd like to share; one that motivates you? 
My favorite quote is “Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.” I wrote it down one day, I think when I was auditioning for dance team in 2015, and my mom has had it hanging on our refrigerator ever since. I’ve read it before every dance audition, every job interview, or just when I’m feeling hard on myself. It’s a reminder that even if I didn’t accomplish what I was intending to then, it doesn’t make me a failure and I’ll kick butt at the next thing I put my mind to.
Why is it so important to give ourselves grace as we continue our journey to better health?
It may seem like it is easy for me to eat healthy and work out because I was taught this at a young age, but everyone falls off the wagon sometimes and I have made lots of unhealthy decisions. I decided to become this person because I feel better mentally and physically when I wake up in the morning. You only get one life so you might as well enjoy it. If you’re beating yourself up, you’re not living or enjoying the present. Don’t be too hard on yourself, if at the end of the day you sit back and you say “I’ve done the best I can,” then you have succeeded in my book. Give yourself cheat days. Give yourself mental health days. Be proud of yourself.

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