End of Holiday Season Officially at Hand as City's Parks and Recreation Staff Taking Down Decorations

By Jeff Toquinto on January 11, 2018 via Connect-Bridgeport.com

If taking back those items that don’t fit or you don’t like along with packing away the Christmas tree isn’t enough of a sign the holiday season is over, then if you’re driving through Bridgeport you’re probably going to see a definitive sign that it is.
Work has begun by the City of Bridgeport’s Parks and Recreation Department to remove decorations throughout the city with work on Wednesday and again today primarily focusing on Main Street. A few other city buildings will also see Parks staff do their work.
“Most of the early work involves getting decorations down from buildings and removing decorations from the lamp posts,” said P&R Director Don Burton. “It’s a typical operation that we every year after the holidays so the guys only need decent weather to get it done over the course of a few days.”
The good weather began arriving Tuesday. By Wednesday it was in the 50s and the temps are supposed to be unseasonably warm today and Friday before dropping back to more January like temperatures during this coming weekend.
“We hope to have everything wrapped up, barring something that would divert our workers, by Friday,” said Burton.
On Friday, workers will begin work that morning hoping to conclude things in short order. Burton said Friday morning’s work is geared toward taking down the city’s decorations leading up to and from the Meadowbrook Mall.
“There will likely be some minor traffic delays as we finish up the work and motorists may need to be diverted around our workers at the mall,” said Burton. “The good news is that we are usually pretty good at keeping traffic moving in both directions as quickly as possible.”
By Friday, one other item should be taken down. Burton said the City of Bridgeport’s Christmas tree, which was purchased with the help of the Associated Businesses of Bridgeport, will be one of the last things to come down.
“For anyone holding on to the holiday season, it’s officially over when the tree comes down,” said Burton.

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