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By Ashley Aragona on September 02, 2013 from Health & Fitness via

As August draws to a warm, albeit rainy close, I’ve finally come to grips with the cold hard fact that soon I will be starring at summer in the rearview mirror. But, once I understand that, I start to get excited.  Fall means new wardrobe, new menus, fall candle scents (major excitement for those) and my fall workout schedule. Yes, I change my work out by the seasons. 
In my 28 years on this earth I have realized that I am MUCH MUCH more effective in my goals if I am inspired.  So, because I always want to be as effective as possible, I look for inspiration in everything I do and luckily, fall provides me with 3 very inspiring things to get my workouts kicked off in the right direction.
  1. Fall Runs
I’m not going lie, I don’t like running outside in the summer. Spring yes, the flowers are pretty, the birds are out, but in the dead of summer, when it’s hot and muggy, no. I would much rather get my workout done in the early am and spend my day lounging by the pool. Fall runs though, are a different animal all together. To me, there is nothing like a good fall run to get the endorphins pumping and the good vibes flowing, especially when there’s that slightly cool breeze and the leaves have just started to turn; those are the runs that keep me excited for the next run.
  1. Pumpkin
I love all things pumpkin; decorations, breads, muffins, candles, air fresheners, you name it, I probably have it and there is no better time to show my love for pumpkin than in the fall. What you may not know however, is how good pumpkin is for you!

Pumpkin is a power food. It’s not just good for carving animated faces into, this nutrient packed jack-o-lantern has some serious antioxidant power including—beta-carotene. In addition to having some major heart healthy nutrients, one cup of cooked pumpkin is going to set you back about 50 calories and with 3 grams of fiber, it’s a good low cal snack that can keep your energy going as well as the munchies at bay.
If that’s not enough, the seeds are also packing a punch with 9 grams of protein per 1 ounce serving and dishing up some nutrients of their own, including lutein and phytosterols, the first which aids in your vision and the latter for keeping those bad cholesterol (LDL) levels low.
My favorite way to enjoy this guy? Roasted with some olive oil as a side dish, OR in a smoothie with some protein powder. Both are delicious and nutritious 
  1. Fall Back Into Fitness Deals
Now, this one may seem odd since I own a gym. Why would I like fitness deals and specials? Well, because the deals bring more people into the gyms and get more people on the right track. Here’s the scoop. We all know January is the largest month for fitness centers, personal training studios and private trainers. Those New Year’s Resolutions are very motivating! But, just as Disneyland is to Disneyworld (the latter being the biggest and best) so September is to January in the world of fitness activity. The reason this is great for you? Most gyms have “fall into fitness” specials going on this time of year so chances are, if you are looking or considering picking up a gym membership but don’t want to wait to January, this is the time. In addition, most fitness centers amp up their group exercise schedules in September and have beginner programs in place. The best part? You’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of the January crew rushing in if you take advantage of the “early bird” fall fitness specials.
How does this motivate me you ask? I have to be ready, with my A- Game on, to greet and teach all the new smiling, inspired and enthusiastic faces ready to tackle their fitness goals. I’d say that’s more inspiring than a piece of pumpkin.
I understand that my motivators may not do the same for you, but I hope that this fall you take a second and find your “fit-spiration.”

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