Health & Fitness: Have an “EGG-cellantly” Fit Easter

By Ashley Aragona on March 30, 2013 from Health & Fitness via

Just like the wonderful Easter Baskets that children will receive this Easter, so too is this week’s blog filled with a variety of Eastern related fitness goodies.
I tend to follow that theme for my blog. I’m going to admit though, Easter had me a little stumped. But, after much thought I think I’ve connected the dots on a few things that pertain to both Easter and fitness. Let’s “hop” right into it.
  • Have an “EGG-cellantly” Fit Easter
Besides the pretty colored eggs we all love making at Easter time, eggs sort of get a bad rap. One minute they are an affordable source of protein, the next they’re  a cholesterol raising devil. It must be exhausting being the egg’s PR manager. Since this is Easter though, I decided to share some GOOD of the humble egg that gets its day in the spotlight but one time a year when it gets all glittered and painted up. Let’s show it some love.
  • Contains Vitamin D- Found in the glorious sun that we are all missing in WV lately, the humble egg is one of the few dietary sources that contain vitamin D in their yolks.
  • Your average WHOLE egg contains only 75 calories and 6 grams of protein with only 5 grams of fat, 2 of which are saturated. On the “bad egg” side of the fence? Cut out the yolks. One egg white has only 17 calories and it’s all protein at 4 grams. The downside to this, you’re gonna lose most of the nutrients that the yolks provide including vitamins A, B6, B12, and E, as well as iron and zinc.
  • They are adaptable. Eggs are in SO many things we eat. We really don’t give them credit. Scramble them, poach them, use them as a binding agent, or bake with them. You can’t say the egg isn’t pretty amazing. What’s even more amazing, they are considered to be the most complete and balanced protein source for humans other than mother’s milk
  • Channel Your Inner Rabbit
Besides the egg, the bunny rabbit also gets some mad love by having its likeness carved into chocolate and other forms of sweetness this time of year. But to stay fit, we need to look at the REAL bunny, not his chocolate form and take some cues.
Do the Bunny Hop- This Easter, follow in the rabbit footsteps and do my Easter Themed Workout- JUMP ROPE!  Hey, you can probably even get the kids in on this workout. Think jumping rope isn’t a workout? Think again. Follow the link below and try Fitness Magazines  10 Minute Jump Rope Workout.  I did, it was not funny, little bunny.
  • The “Eggly” Truth About Your Favorite Easter Candy
I hope this last part doesn’t upset too many readers, but I found this and couldn’t resist. A few of these even had me surprised!!
The rage right now with the food and marketing companies is 100 calorie packs. Even I buy into them. Could I buy a whole box and ration out my own? Of course, but it’s so much easier to just by the pre-packaged ones. Well, along those lines, I found some interesting pictures of what “100 Calories” of the most popular Easter Candies look like.
SPOILER ALERT: This may upset you if you have already eaten your candy, I apologize if so! : )
Ugh.. Is that 100 Calories? Better savor those ears.
That’s a little better..but 3 of these little cuties contain 25 grams of carbs, which is not cute.
The highlight of this 100 calories isn’t the colors, but the fact that 6 of these little babies have 13.5 grams of sugar which is the lowest of all the Cadbury Egg family.
I hope you got some interesting tid-bits out of my Easter Fitness Basket. Until next time, I wish you all a very Happy, & Healthy Easter.
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