Health & Fitness: Spring Cleaning that's Good for Your Lifestyle

By Ashley Aragona on May 08, 2012 from Health & Fitness via

Spring is in the air and it seems like everywhere I turn I am hearing about spring-cleaning of closets, basements, attics and kitchens. That got me thinking, spring shouldn’t be just for cleaning houses, but for cleaning up our eating habits as well.

As a fitness professional I get questions all the time about eating healthy. The truth is, it’s quite simple and actually can save you time and money; two things that I think we could all use more of.

So, in the spirit of “spring cleaning” I’m listing my favorite kitchen gadgets for a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully they will motivate you to look at eating clean in a new way

Food Steamer- Don’t let the spaceship look of this contraption scare you. It’s actually quite simple to use and has three key points that make it a “must have” in my house.

1.You can cook a whole healthy meal at once. Put everything into this contraption, set the timer for 20-30 min and come back to a complete meal.

2.Steaming retains many of the nutrients lost in boiling. Some studies have shown that boiling vegetables reduces their heart disease and cancer-preventing compounds by as much as 77%. I say, if you’re going to eat your vegetables, you might as well get everything out of them that you can.

3. It’s actually quite affordable- you can find steamers for as little as twenty bucks.

Grill Pan- I know, it’s spring and you can grill outside. But, if it happens to be raining or you don’t feel like firing up the grill, a grill pan can give you the same results. Spray your grill pan with some Pam and you can sear in the flavor and juices of meats and veggies without adding any extra fat or calories.

Plastic Storage Containers or Food Sealer- My biggest secret for eating clean is to cook ahead of time. That simple. Take a Sunday afternoon and cook up your chicken, salmon and veggies and store in containers for the week. This way, you never have to guess about what you’re eating. Think of it as your own version of a Lean Cuisine and I can guarantee you, it’s going to be healthier and cheaper.

These are my top three “must have’s” for my kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I have many other gadgets that were very close to making the list, but in the spirit of “spring cleaning” these are my bare bones basics that I use all the time. They are not only great for a healthy kitchen but practical, as well.

So hopefully this will motivate you to spring clean your kitchen for healthy success, because after all, spring cleaning the house will only last a short time, but spring cleaning your diet could give results that last the rest of your life.

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