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By Ashley Aragona on August 14, 2012 from Health & Fitness via

You may have noticed if you frequent this blog that I have a tendency to write about things that are affecting me currently. Whether it’s the Olympics that are inspiring me, the change of seasons that are motivating me, or - like today - something I run across that sparks that “ooh” feeling deep within and gives me an idea to write about.
What I was motivated by today was the site NerdFitness. Have you see this guy? I can’t lie; I love it because in all reality, I’m a pretty big nerd. BAZINGA!
Seriously though, I’m the chick who records Game of Thrones (and yes I read the books BEFORE HBO ever got a hold of it) and I have a picture with Stan Lee, which I’m pretty proud of.
(Side note: if you know who Stan Lee is, you should TOTALLY find me on Facebook because we’d probably be fast friends.)
But I digress, so the site NerdFitness is all about finding the inner superhero within yourself and if you know anything about me, you know I am all about becoming the BEST version of yourself that you can be, and I see fitness advocates as their own version of superheroes, so his site is right up my alley.
I stumbled across a post he had on how to write your own destiny and why so many of us mess up and it got me thinking about how we can achieve our own fitness destiny, but in order to be successful, we have to make sure we conquer a few fitness “quests” of our own.
QUEST 1: Understand that you don’t need to know it all to start a fitness regimen. A lot of times, the fear of looking silly, messing up, or getting hurt can stop someone from starting. It’s ok to ask questions, it’s important to do research but don’t think you have to know it all to start. The most important this is that YOU DO START.
I mean, come on, think about Harry Potter? That boy wasn’t casting Expelliarmus spells right off the bat, but with hard work, study and a little magic… look what he did.
QUEST 2: Get a posse. If I’m going to make a superhero comparison here, well I could go on all day; from Lord of the Rings, to The Avengers, to Harry Potter, the “superhero” always has backup. They not only join in the “quest” but they motivate and keep the hero on the right track. It’s the same thing for a fitness buddy. You’d be surprised how much motivation and accountability you can gain from having a buddy, not to mention, the extra fun a partner adds.

QUEST 3: Don’t listen to the Nay Sayers- THIS IS HUGE. How many times has the underdog been told:
“You can’t do it”
“You’re wasting your time”
or for people who are eating clean or working out a lot, the dreaded
“You’re no fun anymore.”
Here’s the deal with the Nay Sayers, THEY ARE THE LOUDEST. Hear me out on this because I’ve personally been through it and still go through it. You can be inspiring to 20 people but the one person that says something negative will be the one screaming it.
Learn to PUT IT IN IT’S PLACE- which is far, FAR behind the voice inside of you telling you to pursue your fitness goals.
QUEST 4: Have a plan.  While you don’t need to know everything, you do need:
A goal in mind
A course of action
A time line to when you want to achieve your goal.
Remember, things don’t happen overnight, so don’t expect them to. Give yourself lead way to make mistakes and learn as you go. The path to success is never a straight one without some setbacks, so if you fall off the horse, i.e.; have a bad day eating, miss a week of workouts, or just feel like giving up, DON’T.
The best part of the superhero’s story is always after the “fall” right? It’s the part we all wait for, the comeback. So get back up, because you’re one step closer to your superhero realization.
QUEST 5: Believe in Yourself- All superheroes have the moment when they have to realize what they can do, what they are capable of and have the passion and spirit to do it. You are capable of changing your life. What’s even more, you are capable of changing others lives by being a good example and inspiration to them.
I hope that this has given you a new inspiration and a new way to look at your own fitness ”quest.” To me, life is about living. We are meant to dream, to inspire and to better ourselves every day. So, go on and start writing your own fitness story and please share as you do. Maybe one day I’ll be writing about you. : )
Until Next Time,
Excelsior! ; )

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