After Nearly Two Decades, National Retail Business at Home Depot Plaza will be Going Out of Business

By Jeff Toquinto on May 28, 2019 via

Back in March, Connect-Bridgeport posted a story from CNN talking about another retailer facing difficulties maintaining operations. That particular retailer happened to have a location in Bridgeport.
The report not quite three months ago was that Family Dollar was planning on closing nearly 400 stores nationwide – 390 to be exact – to hopefully reverse its fortunes. At the time, the discount chain did not have a list of stores it was planning on closing.
Last week, the list as far as Bridgeport was concerned became a moot point. Family Dollar’s Bridgeport location at the Home Depot Plaza put up a big “Store Closing” sign in front of the entrance.
“I hate to see this,” said Lisa Lantz of Clarksburg who was making a trip from Goodwill into the store. “I go to Goodwill, Family Dollar and Ollie’s and it’s convenient. Some of their prices are tough to beat.”
Lantz will have to find a new store to meet those needs or visit one of Family Dollars others locations in the area. According to a sign on the store in Bridgeport, the Nutter Fort and Clarksburg Rosebud Plaza locations will remain open.
“It’s always sad to lose a business, but Family Dollar has been in Bridgeport for many years, so this is a big loss,” said Bridgeport Community Development Director Andrea Kerr. “We appreciate the many years they made Bridgeport their home and we wish them and all their employees the best in the future.”
Kerr wasn’t overstating that they are a long-time business. According to Cheryl Mehaulic of the Bridgeport Finance Department, the store began operations on Nov. 21 of 2001 meaning it’s been in the plaza for nearly two decades.
The opening for space is a rarity at the moment. Kerr said things are healthy at the location just off of U.S. Route 50.
“The plaza is thriving and remains full with the same longtime tenants. I am positive there will be a signed lease for a new business in the near future. It’s a great location and a frequently visited plaza with Home Depot nearby,” said Kerr.
Staff at the Bridgeport Family Dollar said they did not know of a date for the store to officially close.

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