Bridgeport Police Investigating String of Incidents from Sunday where Items Taken from Several Vehicles

By Jeff Toquinto on January 30, 2018 via

Once again, the City of Bridgeport has been the victim of a residential crime spree. And once again, it centers on numerous cars that had items either stolen from them or were entered and had items looked through.
According to Bridgeport Chief John Walker, a number of incidents took place Sunday morning in Bridgeport. He said the main areas included Carriage Lane, Arrowood, Millbook and Overlook.
“There have been 16 reports at this point,” said Walker late Monday afternoon. “I’m sure there are more that haven’t officially been reported because I received a direct call about one that’s not part of that group.”
The mode of operation appears to be the same as in the past. Walker said the cars in question were all left unlocked leading to the opportunity to have the items taken.
“Once inside they go through the gloveboxes and dash and look throughout the car taking loose change, backpacks, purses and things of value and even some narcotics that may have been left in a vehicle,” said Walker. “If they don’t see anything of value they usually leave the car ransacked.”
The thieves in these situations, which have been going on for months, take whatever has value, including a firearm in the past. Walker said no guns were taken this time.
The cars, he said, were parked both along the streets and in driveways. He said there are no suspects at this time and that these particular cases are very difficult to solve.
“These are difficult to connect the dots on and because there are so many it takes up a lot of time. We take these serious, but the majority of incidents don’t have to occur,” said Walker. “A week or so ago we had the same situation in another part of town. We don’t know if they’re related, but they occur in random parts of town with no pattern.”
Walker again is offering advice to help in the case.
“First, please lock your vehicle whether you have anything of value inside or not,” said Walker. “Second, don’t hesitate to report to 911 anyone that may look suspicious. We’d rather check them out and maybe be able to find a suspect that way, which would obviously be more proactive, than to have to go this route.”
Walker said if anyone has any information to contact 911 or call the Bridgeport Police Department. He also encourages anyone that was a victim that hasn't contacted police to do do.

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