City Police Arrest Harrison County Man with Aid of Social Media; This Time with Unique Circumstances

By Jeff Toquinto on December 04, 2017 via

Social media again proved to be beneficial in helping the City of Bridgeport’s Police Department find resolution in a recent case. According to Bridgeport PFC C.B. “Bart” Sayers, an arrest was made for a shoplifting incident that took place more than two months ago.
The shoplifting took place back on Sept. 9 at 8:30 a.m. at the BFS gas station situated just off the Saltwell exit at Interstate 79. The still relatively new business has been a hot spot for criminal activity and this is one of the times where police got a break thanks to Sayers sharing the information with the media.
While the method of showing the photo worked once again, the group recognizing the individual in question proved a bit different.
“I was able to make an arrest thanks to the article (on Connect-Bridgeport),” said Sayers. “This time it was a fellow police officer who saw the article and used it to help.”
Sayers said the officer that assisted was a member of the Harrison County Violent Crimes and Drug Trask Force. According to Sayers, that officer was involved in a warrant roundup in early October and the man pictured was taken in at that time on a separate charge.
“He was recognized from the article and (the Task Force) contacted me,” said Sayers. “I was working and interviewed the suspect where he confessed. He was even wearing the same hat from the video surveillance.”
The suspect, a 37-year-old male from the Shinnston area, was issued a citation for second offense shoplifting. A third shoplifting charge will become a felony if the individual in question commits the crime again and is caught.
“Thanks to the article I was able to make the arrest and close the case,” said Sayers.

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