City Police Hoping Public Can Help ID Man Involved in 2017 Shoplifting Incident at Johnson Avenue Sheetz

By Jeff Toquinto on January 12, 2018 via

With shoplifting continuing to be an issue in Bridgeport with its massive retail base, law enforcement is hoping to let individuals know no matter what the case that if the business in question wants to prosecute then that’s going to happen. And such is the situation with a case at Sheetz.
According to Bridgeport PFC F.S. Toothman, the Johnson Avenue Sheetz will do just that if a suspect from a surveillance video can be identified. Toothman said that the suspect in question didn’t steal a large quantity of items.
Toothman said the individual took non-alchoholic drinks near the cooler area. The suspect then proceeded to take food items near the register.
“It may seem minor, but the idea and the hope is to deter others from believing they can get away with taking things. If Sheetz brings this to us then we’re going to move forward with it and that’s what we’re doing,” said Toothman.
The incident is several months hold. It took place on Oct. 21. A white male wearing a plaid shirt is the individual in question. The images, although not of superior quality,  were taken from Sheetz’s surveillance cameras.
Toothman is hoping the public can help solve this case. He said multiple have been solved already thanks to the public’s help.
“There are times we get 50 or more contacts as the result of these and we’re very thankful,” said Toothman.
The crime in question is not a felony. However,  that would change if the suspect is identified and it would be a third offense shoplifgting, at which point it becomes  a felony.
If you think you can identify the individual shown, contact Toothman at 304-848-6146 and leave a message if he does not answer. You can also reach him by email at

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