City Police Hoping Public Can Help Identify Man Being Sought for Criminal Activity at Main Street Business

By Jeff Toquinto on December 05, 2017 via

The Bridgeport Police Department is turning to the public once again for help in solving criminal activity with the city limits. And they’re hoping a somewhat grainy surveillance image will prove to be help provide a break in the case.
According to Bridgeport PFC M.P. Hammond, the department is looking for the identity or information on a white male subject who was involved in a destruction of property complaint at a City of Bridgeport business. The business, located on Main Street, is the Towne House Motor Lodge East.
At this time, there is no information regarding what type of damage was done that led to the filing of the criminal complaint. However, the hope is that the image will result in an arrest.
If you think you have information or may know the adult male that is shown in the photo, contact M.P. Hammond at 304-848-6124 or email at If Hammond does not answer the phone, individuals are asked to leave a message.
Several crimes in the past year have been resolved due to images being shared on social media, including those where the images are far from pristine. Most recently, a case that was being invested by Officer Bart Sayers involving a shoplifting incident at the BFS just off Saltwell was solved.
Editor's Note: Photo courtesy of the Bridgeport Police Department.

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