City Police Investigating Incidents Involving Stolen Items from Cars; Fingerprints Taken, Suspects in Mind

By Jeff Toquinto on December 07, 2017 via

Bridgeport Police are still investigating a string of incidents from Tuesday morning involving items being removed from several cars in the same area of town. According to the Harrison County 911 log, city police responded to several calls on Bartlett Avenue, Third Street and Grand Avenue.
“The calls were all from that general area,” said Bridgeport Detective Brian Kemmerer. “There were enough of them that we had plenty of our guys out.”
Kemmerer said he was joined by Lt. Gary Weaver, Sgt. Jay Williams and Detective Troy Rutherford. He said the reported calls were all investigated, while several other vehicles were found to have been entered by the officers as they canvassed the area.
“The activity appears to have happened early (Tuesday) morning,” said Kemmerer. “Most of the cars in question, I believe were unlocked. Without all of the information in front of me I can’t say that’s 100 percent accurate, but I’m certain that if not all of them that most of the cars were locked.”
Kemmerer said the perpetrator or perpetrators appeared to take items that could be removed quickly. He said loose change was the main thing taken, a camera was removed and other items were also taken.
“Each car was pilfered and rummaged through,” said Kemmerer. “The main thing taken was loose change or cash.”
While there have been no arrests in the case, Kemmerer did have good news. In fact, he had good news on a couple of fronts.
“We were able to develop a good bit of fingerprints processing the vehicles and we’ll go from there,” he said. “We also have some information that there may be suspects involved and we know of them.”
Kemmerer said there were less than 10 vehicles hit. However, he is asking anyone believing they may have been a victim to contact the department if they haven’t already done so. Kemmerer is also asking anyone in the community with information that could assist in the case to call the department at 304-842-8260.
“The activity is wrong, but we strongly encourage people to lock their car doors. Don’t make yourself a target,” said Kemmerer.

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