Jamison Field Athletic Complex Slammed by Flooding; Principal DeFazio Calls it Worst He's Witnessed

By Jeff Toquinto on April 16, 2018 via

The weather system that brought several inches of rain throughout North Central West Virginia didn’t appear to spare any parts of the region. 
Bridgeport certainly wasn’t the exception.
One of the key areas impacted was the Wayne Jamison Field athletic complex. As of 10 a.m. this morning, Bridgeport High School Principal Mark DeFazio had no idea just how much damage flood waters had done to several part of the field.
However, he was certain of one thing. And that it’s the worst flooding he can recall on the field since at least the artificial surface went into place in the mid-2000s.
“We’re at more than a dozen years with the turf, even longer with the track, and I don’t ever recall this much water on the field. It’s not even close,” said DeFazio. “I’ve seen water as far as up to the field on the visitors side and up to the track, but never on the field.”
The problem, though, isn’t just the track and the football field. DeFazio said the BHS football field house is flooded. He said parts of the baseball field and their new field house is likely flooded, as well as other areas.
“I’m pretty sure parts of the concession stand are flooded,” said DeFazio. “The reason I can’t give definitive answers is that we can’t access anything and probably won’t be for some time. I can’t even give an estimate as to what time we will be able to take a look.”
DeFazio said one thing that is disappointing is that the new Bridgeport Middle School football practice field behind the home section of the Jamison Field bleachers was seeded and had straw put down this weekend.
“I’m sure that’s completely washed out and will have to be done again,” said DeFazio. “There was also a tractor down there for that and another tractor near the baseball field. I have no idea what the status of those are.”
Also as of 10 a.m. today, the parking lot at Bridgeport High School was also flooded.
“It’s a mess,” said DeFazio.
In the event there is damage of a major nature, DeFazio said it will be repaired. He said the Harrison County Board has insurance to cover all their facilities. However, he’s more worried about what can’t take place as a result of the flooding.
“We have the Harry Green Invitational Saturday, and it’s a huge event for the program,” said DeFazio. “We’re going to have to see what type of shape the facility will be in to possibly host that. Let me just say this is just part of what has been an interesting year of school to say the least.”
Editor’s Note II: Aerial photo submitted to Connect-Bridgeport by Gary Anderson. Other photo, and photos in gallery below, courtesy of Travis Jones
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