New Business Near Former Skate World Location has Pair of Names Familiar in Professional Circles

By Jeff Toquinto on April 15, 2018 via

When you’ve been in one place for a long time and worked for others you entire life, considering a move to go on your own isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Admittedly, Mike Nestor found himself in that very situation feeling the very same feelings.
“It’s been something I’ve thought about and I’m glad that I did this, but it certainly was a tough decision,” said Nestor. “A few months in with the new business and I’m not looking back.”
Instead, Nestor is looking forward. Actually, it’s Mike Nestor, P.E., and he’s the owner of Ascent Consulting and Engineering located on Masonic Drive. For those wondering where that’s situated, it’s directly across the street from the front of the former Skate World.
Nestor is part of a two-person work crew that occupies the first floor of the building on the roadway that covers 1,200 square feet and opened in late February. He’s joined in his work by Eric Short at the office that sits on the city’s municipal boundary.
If the two names sound familiar in the engineering world or the two faces pictured here look familiar, there’s a good reason for it. The two have roughly 30 years of combined work in the field.
“I worked doing constructional engineering for a company called Can-Am Steel right out of college and have spent the rest of my time at Thrasher (Group, now located at White Oaks),” said Nestor.

Leaving the place he spent years working at, he said, was not easy to do.
“It was a tough decision because Thrasher has been great to me and have been able to build a lot of great friendships there,” said Nestor. “Eventually, I looked at all of the big things going on around the state, particularly in this region, and decided that I wanted to build something from scratch and have it turn out the way that I wanted to. I’m glad Eric is with me to help me in this endeavor because we’ve worked together for a long time.”
Nestor said although just weeks old and with a two-person staff, they’ve already got plenty of work on the table. The work can come in the form of site and civil engineering – the full gamut – that includes development work on land, commercial, residential, oil and gas, storm water, roadway design and more.
“We can get you from start to finish. Even though we don’t have survey or inspection services, we have close relationships with firms that will work under our bubble to allow us to be the group that gets your project complete,” said Nestor. “We may grow, but right now we’re focusing on providing service on a personal level. When you have huge projects with a huge staff the client may be dealing with numerous individuals. People will know who they’re dealing with from the beginning to the end and it’s a selling point we make.”
So far, he said, things have gone well. In fact, Nestor said business has come from those he’s made contact with through years, word of mouth and even – already – repeat customers.
Ascent is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. They can be reached at 304-677-8981.
Editor's Note: Top photo shows Mike Nestor at the new business sign fronting Masonic Drive, while Nestor - standing - is shown with Eric Short below.

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