New Project on Jerry Dove Drive to Come with a Price Tag of Six Figures; Likely to be Seen by Thousands

By Jeff Toquinto on March 01, 2018 via

Even the small projects along Jerry Dove Drove in Bridgeport are coming with six-figure or higher price tags. And this project will be one that will literally be “seen” by thousands daily.
Recently, work began on the installation of a new digital video sign at the main entrance to United Hospital Center. According to UHC Vice President of Support Services Geoff Marshall, the new signs is just one of many on the campus of the facility in Bridgeport and at other locations.
“As part of the branding involving United Hospital Center and WVU Medicine, all the facilities are changing their signage to read WVU Medicine with United Hospital Center below it,” said Marshall. “As part of that, we decided to put a larger sign than we previously had at our entrance and to include a display board with a little bit of information and advertising for our services.”
Marshall said there was previously a sign located there. However, he said the sign to one of the biggest buildings in the City of Bridgeport was small and hard to see.
“If you go by there you will see work being done on it as it is not completely finished at this moment,” said Marshall. “We hope to see it operational in the near future, hopefully by the end of March.”
Marshall added there are several things that need to be done. One of the more time-consuming aspects, he said, is that there is a lot of brick work that has to take place.
Contemporary Design is handling the project. They are located out of Pennsylvania, said Marshall.
The cost of the sign is listed at $106,000. Community Development Director Andrea Kerr provided that information from the permit that was filed for the work.
Marshall said it’s not the only sign that’s being redone to include the WVU Medicine logo. He said the Medbrook building (now home to Bridgeport Express Care among others) on Johnson Avenue as well as the Clarksburg Clinic on Davisson Run on the old UHC property also have had new signs put in place.
“We’re working through all of our properties,” said Marshall.
The new logo can also be seen on the sign along Interstate 79.
Editor's Note: Workers continue to make progress on the new sign to greet visitors at UHC and provide information to those passing by along Jerry Dove Drive.

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