New Restaurant Coming to Main Street as City Official Says Entity is "National Brand" Most will Recognize

By Jeff Toquinto on March 13, 2018 via

It’s been home to restaurants for decades, but the last two entities that have opened shop there have been unsuccessful. Now, however, Bridgeport officials are hopeful the next dining establishment will prove to be a long-term fix.
Although a name wasn’t released, Community Development Director Andrea Kerr announced to the Bridgeport Development Authority that a restaurant is gearing up to open at the location of the former Sol Azteka restaurant at the Home Depot Plaza.
The Mexican Restaurant didn’t last long. On Jan. 4 of 2017 a building permit was issued for Sol Azteka and by the time Thanksgiving came around the building was closed “for the holidays,” but never reopened.
Earlier this month, construction activity could be seen on the building. At this morning’s meeting, Kerr confirmed why.
“Commercial builders out of Morgantown is doing a demolition on the inside of the building,” said Kerr. “They have acquired a permit to do $20,000 worth of work.”
What Kerr couldn’t divulge was the name of the restaurant in question that will be coming in. Like her predecessor Randy Spellman and in line with most other businesses coming into the city, announcements aren’t made or confirmation on who is coming won’t be released until such time as a building permit is filed.
“That space will be filled within the next few months with a national food chain,” said Kerr. “They are working hard and quickly and seem to be doing an excellent job with the demolition.”
Kerr wouldn’t elaborate on what type of restaurant it is. However, she did add this.
“It’s a name everyone will recognize,” said Kerr.
This business could provide much needed stability in the building in question. The building was home to Long John Silver’s for a number of years. In fact, according to the City of Bridgeport Tax Department, Long John Silver’s operated in the building from Sept. 1, 1991 to Dec. 31, 2005. It sat vacant for several years until Hank’s Deli opened shop on Nov. 5, 2009 and remained open until closing on Feb. 6, 2015. Sol Azteka then followed with no success.
“This is a stable company that has been around for a very long time,” said Kerr. “We have high hopes that they’ll be in Bridgeport for a very long time.”
While a permit has not been received, Kerr said plans have been submitted for review. Kerr said she’s about “97 percent” certain that this will be moving ahead based on the demolition and the plans that are being reviewed by her office.
Stay tuned to Connect-Bridgeport for an announcement on when the new business will open.

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