Property Stolen from Bridgeport Business Parking Lot Recovered; Police Say Arrests May be "Forthcoming"

By Jeff Toquinto on January 31, 2018 via

Arrests could be on the way involving a case of property stolen from of a business parking lot during early evening operating hours earlier this month, West Virginia State Police Cpl. Steve Swiger of the Bridgeport Detachment said Tuesday.
Swiger has taken over the case involving property allegedly stolen from the Bridgeport Express Care parking lot on Jan. 18. At that time, a Polaris Ranger XP and a 6x12 cargo trailer that it was stored on was taken. On Tuesday Swiger, working with the Bridgeport Police Department and Lt. Detective Gary Weaver said the property was recovered.
“We have not made an arrest,” said Swiger, who said the investigation was ongoing. “I do see one, possibly two, arrests forthcoming.”
The recovery was good news for David Peasak, who owned the property. When he left his office at Bridgeport Express Care on that January evening, he didn’t see his Polaris ATV and trailer that hauled it in the parking lot and wasn’t overly concerned. Not seeing it there wasn’t highly unusual.
“We’ve let so many people borrow it that I just figured someone in the family had borrowed it. After talking to some of my family members we realized it had been stolen,” said Peasak.
Peasak contacted Bridgeport Police and an initial report was filed, he said. Eventually, surveillance video was used and when Peasak received grainy images that were able to be removed from it he posted it on social media Monday.
“It worked better than I could have imagined,” said Peasak. “It was shared over 400 times so I think social media was a big reason for it.”
Both Swiger and Weaver couldn’t comment on the situation as to how the property was recovered. Again, the reason for that stems from the investigation still taking place.
“We got it back in pretty good shape. There was nothing wrong with it,” said Peasak. “I really want to thank everyone for getting the message out there and I can’t thank Detective Weaver and Cpl. Swiger enough.”
Weaver said the recovery of the property took place just after noon Tuesday. He said the investigation was handed over to the State Police, but not for anything unique.
“It turns out that the part of the parking lot where the (Polaris) was located is out of the city limits,” said Weaver.
Weaver wasn’t surprised it was taken during early evening hours while the business was still in operation. He also wasn’t surprised it was taken in an area that has high visibility off of Johnson Avenue.
“We’ve got all kinds of things that taken play anymore so we know crimes can happen anytime of the day or night and anywhere,” said Weaver.
Weaver said the West Virginia State Police will handle the rest of the investigation. 
Editor's Note: Top photo is the grainy image of a late model Ford van that David Peasak posted to social media Monday. Bottom photo is of Bridgeport Detective Gary Weaver. 

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