Residential Property Subdivision Request before City's Planning Panel Okayed with No Public Comments

By Jeff Toquinto on January 10, 2019 via

While subdivision requests in residential neighborhoods often become a bone of contention, one before the Bridgeport Planning Commission earlier this week went off without a hitch.
On Monday, the Planning Commission heard the request of Tom Hansberry to subdivide property located on James Street. The parcel in question is located beside the James Street Apartments and combined was nearly 1.75 acres and has a house on it.
Hansberry’s request before the Commission was to subdivide it with the house remaining on a lot of .77 acres. The lot that would be created from the subdivision without the home would be .96 acres, Bridgeport Community Development Director Andrea Kerr said.
“I bought the property to develop the property. This was back in 2010 and subsequent to that there was never enough interest to develop the property,” said Hansberry, who said he does not live in the home, after the meeting. Hansberry added that the plan is to sell the lot with the house on it.
During the meeting, Hansberry said he had no plans on doing any developing of the land on the new parcel. However, he could develop it or even sell it for development as it meets all existing city codes.
Outside of Hansberry and members of the Planning Commission, Mayor Andy Lang, Kerr and City Administrative Assistant Tyler Grogg, there was no one in attendance. Kerr said all surrounding property owners were notified of the matter. She added that no one voiced opposition to her office or, for that matter, any type of comments or questions of any nature regarding the request.
Unlike some matters going before the Planning Commission, the process is complete. The subdivision request does not require action by Bridgeport City Council.
Also Monday, the Planning Commission named Rodney Kidd its president once again for 2019. Doug Gray will serve another term as vice president.
Editor's Note: Top photo shows Council member Bob Greer, Council's Planning Commission representative, asking a few quick questinos Monday, while Tom Hansberry is shown below.

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