Thanks to Recent Warm Spell in Area, City's P&R Staff Able to Tackle Several Projects at Rec Complex

By Jeff Toquinto on March 05, 2018 via

The recent trend of up and down weather has been more than just a positive for those giving out the daily forecast. It was also a benefit to the Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Department.
Last week as temperatures soared, the P&R staff was able to take advantage of the unseasonable weather. And the Bridgeport Recreation Complex was the beneficiary.
Staff spent time removing and replacing items that are part of the four baseball fields at the facility. Although temperatures are still low and snow has been seen in the area in recent days, the Recreation Complex will be hosting its first official game activities in roughly three weeks.
“We actually have Fairmont State University’s baseball team scheduled to open the season on March 24 and March 25,” said P& Director Don Burton. “There could be practices by various groups before that, but we need there to be plenty of dry weather. The fields drain well, but there’s just been too much precipitation to get the field dry enough to practice on.”
The complex was dry enough last week to begin getting the facility ready for the season with a few upgrades. Burton said his staff removed and replaced batting cage nets on two of the cages located between fields three and four.
“They were dry rotting and developing holes,” said Burton. “(Deputy Director) Joe (Shuttleworth) was able to order the nets and we got them here in plenty of time for the old ones to be replaced.”
One of the three cages also got an additional facelift. Burton said the cage between field one and four had the old turf removed. In its place is new synthetic turf.
“We’re planning on taking out the turf in the other two cages as well. It’s the same problem with them getting old and showing signs of dry rotting,” said Burton. “We were fortunate we had the good weather, which we look for at this time of the year and we jump at the opportunity with our staff.”
Even when things turned bad later last week, the P&R crew was still doing work at the complex. Burton said the press box was worked on.
“With it being enclosed, we were able to handle things needed there. The guys put a coat of wax on the press box floor,” said Burton.
Once again, the Bridgeport Recreation Complex will have a full slate of tournaments taking place in 2018. City officials have praised the complex for it becoming a sport tourist destination.

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