City Football Fanatic, Former Bridgeport Youth Coach Take Carder Motors Playoff Payoff Week 15 Wins

By Jeff Toquinto on December 05, 2017 via

Michael Mann has been a long-time competitor in the Carder Motors Playoff Payoff. And the Bridgeport resident, who is a frequent visitor to the top 25, found the winner’s circle in week 15 of the football pick’em competition.
Mann was all by himself with a 25-2 mark this past week to take home the top prize. Mann can choose either a gift certificate from Buffalo Wild Wings or a small cheesecake from Almost Heaven Desserts. He needs to send his address and contact information, along with his choice of prize, to Hannah Edwards at
A second place tie ended up being won by way of a tiebreaker to one of our out-of-town pickers who is a former Bridgeport youth football coach. Gillot won the blind draw as he and regular top picker Jason Hartman both finished the week 23-4.
After that, there was a 12-way tie for fourth place on the week. The group of Joe Spatafore, Mike Wilhelm, Steve Davis, Brian Martin, John Hart, Chris Strogen, Brooke Davis, Chuck Miller, Eric Allen, Kevin Carbacio, Jeff Toquinto, and Adam Holbert went 22-5 on the week.
There were nine members of the field that finished tied for the No. 16 spot. The group of Sharon Stutler, Kelly Ayoob, Frank Cherubino, Joe Koreski, James Burton II, Jeff Wright, Duke Ware, WJ Bramer, and Scott Price all went 21-6.
The biggest tie came at No. 25 as 25 individuals were even. Dave Stingo, Mike Alastanos, Jeff Yoho, Pat Boyles, Michael Judy, Greg Banko, Zachary Kesling, Derrick Bramer, Logan Hoskinson, Clayce Spurlock, Drew Tate, Jimmy Stutler, Dustin Vincent, Bill Montgomery, Steven Hastings, Matt Ash, Andrew Banko, Carol Hilton, Doug Marquette, John Oldaker, Chris Oliverio, Jason Dodd, Delbert Leatherman, Dwight Bullough, and Janice Stout all ended the week at 20-7.
In the overall standings, Kevin Carbacio still maintains a healthy lead with an impressive mark of 368-71 (83.83 percent), while Jason Hartman is currently the only one within sniffing distance at 347-92 (79.04 percent). Adam Holbert is in third a 339-100 (77.22 percent) and Jimmy Stutler and Bill Montgomery round out the top five in a tie for the fourth spot at 335-104 (76.31 percent).
At No. 6, Aaron Mann has a 334-105 (76.08 percent) record, while Andre Banko is also by himself in the No. 7 position with a showing of 331-108 (75.4 percent). Mark Trippett and Jason McCall are tied at No. 8 with the same 330-109 (75.17 percent) efforts. Ryan Chandler and Jeff Muller round out the top 10 at 329-110 (74.94 percent).
Chris Oliverio and Dustin Vincent are even at No. 12 as both show the same 326-113 (74.26 percent) showing. Michael Mann and Clayce Spurlock are even at No. 14 thanks to picking at 325-114 (74.03 percent). Mike Alastanos is by himself at No. 16 with a record of 324-115 (73.8 percent).
The big tie comes in at No. 17. Eric Allen, Kelly Ayoob, Hugh Gainer, Chris Byrd and Frank Blake are all picking at a 323-116 (73.58 percent) clip on the year. Scott Price is by himself at No. 22 at 322-117 (73.35 percent), while Brian Martin and John Hart hold down the No. 23 spot at 321-118 (73.12 percent). Rounding out the top 25 is a three-way at No. 25 as James Burton II, John Pulice and Steven Hastings all currently stand a 320-119 (72.89 percent).
Those individuals are currently the frontrunners for the grand prizes. The prize packages are still being put together for the year. However, one of the top prizes include a $500 gift certificate from the Meadowbrook Mall. The top three pickers will be awarded prizes at the end of the contest, which goes well into December. The overall winner has their choice of the three prizes, while the second place winner will have their choice then of the final two remaining prizes.
For those thinking the contest is over because they’ve had a couple of bad weeks, don’t fret. What makes the Carder Motors Playoff Payoff competition unique is that once the contest is over you don’t necessarily know who the winner is even though you will see your weekly overall ranking and Connect-Bridgeport will post the weekly and overall top 25 throughout the contest. At the end of the year, everyone that competes has their two worst weeks dropped and then the winner is announced based on the highest winning percentage.
While it would be impossible to win the overall prizes if you’ve not entered, you can still compete and win the weekly prizes. And it’s easy to do.
If you are a registered member of Connect-Bridgeport's Web site, all you have to do is make sure you're signed in and the click the Playoff Payoff icon on the home page that can be found by scrolling down to the left. If you're not registered, go to the top of the home page and register. It takes less than a minute.
Another unique aspect of the competition is that you can make changes to your picks leading up to games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Individuals can make their picks for Friday’s games and can change them until 6 p.m. Friday. Games that are listed on Saturday and Sunday can be entered and changed as many times as necessary until 11 a.m. each day of the picks.
Unfortunately, there are occasional schedule changes - usually on the prep football side - that staff does not catch; usually games moved to Thursday or a time change bumped up. There are also occasional mistakes with the proper teams playing each other. As has been the case in the past, each person will either be given a win for those games when there are schedule changes we miss or a mistake on our end or a or they will simply not be counted for the weekly and final standings.
You must use your actual name to compete. Nicknames or aliases will not be recognized for weekly or overall prizes.

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