Kiefer Turns Commit to Cornell Official as Standout BHS Kicker Officially Signs with Program Wednesday

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EDITOR'S NOTE I: This story ran on Dec. 13 of 2017. On Wednesday, Koby Kiefer officially signed with Cornell in a ceremony at the Bridgeport High School library. Pictured above are Kiefer with family and members of the BHS coaching staff. 
For the past three years, Bridgeport High School senior Koby Kiefer has spent has his time from August and often into December handling the punting and kicking duties for the Indians football team. If all goes well, he’ll be spending the next four years handling those same duties for a Division I program.
Earlier this week, Kiefer accepted an offer to Cornell University to play football. The offer means Kiefer will be a member of the Big Reds program and also a student at an Ivy League school.
“To be considered to such a prestigious school and to have a chance to compete at the Division I level is a great honor for him, for his family and for this school and football program,” said Bridgeport Coach John Cole. “We always tell our kids that education is the most important thing and even though he’s got an opportunity to kick there, to know you have an opportunity to get a degree from there is something he should be proud of. I know all of the coaches are proud of him.”
For Kiefer, it ends a journey of doing everything possible to play at the collegiate level. Part of the process was attending many summer combines to get recognized and he drew Cornell’s attention down south.
“I did well at the combines and, in particular, there was one in Orlando where I did really well and drew attention of some schools. It was a Top 40 camps where there were only a select few invited and then from there they pick the top players … I was one of the top two punters chosen from the camp,” said Kiefer. “That really got my name out.”
Kiefer said he was courted by several programs with varying interest. The schools, he said, that were looking at him included Southern Mississippi, Temple, Maryland, Townson and Penn State.
“Those were the ones that were actually talking to me,” said Kiefer, who said before his acceptance of the offer from Cornell that no formal offers were made by those who were showing more than just casual interest.
The interest was primarily on the punting side of things. Kiefer, who earned first team Class AA all-state honors in 2016 and was a second second team all-state honors this year, posted strong punting numbers by averaging 42.5 yards on 27 punts, including a long of 55. Seven of his 27 punts were inside the opposition’s 20.
“Koby gave us stability because someone with a good leg on special teams can allow you to win one-third of the game or, heck, even more. He turned the field for us many times and several times this past year he was able to flip the field for us to keep things under control,” said Cole. “His punting and kicking took the pressure off of us a lot of times during his time here. I can tell you he’ll be sorely missed.”
As a kicker, he was nearly automatic on extra points. He finished the year 53-of-57 on extra point kicks and made two field goals this year.
“I’ll be doing the punting for Cornell, but I’ll still work on my kicking. I’ll get a chance to play with one guy in front of me, but I have to make the most of that chance by doing the best I can,” said Kiefer.
While Kiefer’s kicking may have gotten him noticed, it was his grades that sealed the deal. As an Ivy League school, Cornell doesn’t accept academic hardship cases. In fact, the school primarily accepts students that are the best and the brightest nationally and beyond. Kiefer’s 3.94 grade point average helps from that standpoint.
“I’m pleased because I’ve worked just as hard in the classroom,” said Kiefer. “I plan to study communications with a focus on the media side of things; hopefully ending up working for a company like Google in the social media world. Exactly how I want it to go, well, I haven’t got that far.”
While Kiefer’s career path is not completely ironed out, the reason he believes he’s got to this point is pretty steady in his mind. And he was clear to point it out.
“Without the faculty, staff and the coaches at Bridgeport High School I wouldn’t be in this position. They’ve helped guide me into becoming the person I am today. I give the credit to them, plus my family and this incredible community,” Kiefer said. “This community shapes you because they want every kid to be the best they can be whether it’s in the classroom, in athletics or any other activity someone is taking part in. That’s pretty special.”
Kiefer is the son of Jim and Kristi Kiefer of Bridgeport. He has two older siblings – his brother Kash and his sister Kylie.
Editor's Note II: Top photo shows Kiefer plowing into an extra point, while he's shown punting in the bottom picture. In the middle, Kiefer is shown with mom Kristi and father Jim durig senior night. Photos by

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