As Numbers Continue to Grow, Bridgeport Announces Date for Third Annual City-Wide Yard Sale Event

By Jeff Toquinto on May 19, 2018 via

Bridgeport Community Development Director and former City Clerk Andrea Kerr doesn’t have to look outside of check the weather forecast to know if summer is near. All she has to do is check her emails and pick up her phone.
“For the last several weeks I’ve already been getting inquiries about it and now I can tell everyone that it’s scheduled,” said Kerr.
The “it” in question has quickly become one of Bridgeport’s most popular annual events and one that draws thousands of people to the city. The event in question is the Third Annual Bridgeport City-Wide Yard Sale.
Kerr said the city will hold the annual event in August this year. It will be held on Saturday, August 4 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. And the same rules with time hold true as the first two years.
“That’s the time frame where we determine the city event to be taking place. Certainly the participants in the yard sale can start earlier or later and set up their own times,” said Kerr. “The 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. is the time frame we’ll be advertising.”
Kerr said the event has been somewhat consistent in the number of homes participating, even though she said there are dozens of residents that have sales that don’t register. She said she’s expecting it to be the same or a little higher this year.
“The household participating the last two years was roughly the same with more than 100 homes officially signing up,” said Kerr. “There has been one huge change.
Kerr said the change is the number of individuals that show up for the event from city residents, to county residents to residents well beyond.
“The number of attendees last year was probably double of the year prior to that and we saw a lot more traffic in the city,” said Kerr.
The traffic was the one major issue the city – and locals – had to deal with. Kerr said that, once again, blocking any type of roadway is illegal and if roads are blocked that individuals can call 911. She’s also asking residents that have – and don’t always use – off-street parking to consider utilizing it that day to help the traffic flow.
“If you have a garage or driveway to park in that day it would certainly help,” said Kerr.
The Saturday event has become a showcase for the city as well as a service to residents looking to get rid of items and make some cash at the same time.
“The purpose for the event is that it allows the residents to keep their property clean and maintained by getting rid of clutter they may have inside their house and outside on their property that others can utilize,” said Kerr. “We just saw how important that is with the resumption of the spring clean-up day that was a success.”
Once again, the city is asking residents that plan on taking part to register their household by emailing their name and address to Kerr at The addresses (names will not be included) will be posted on a printed list to hand out to those taking part as well as one that can be viewed online and can be printed online.
“As we gather participants, we’ll post it on the city Web site. We’ll also share updates with Connect-Bridgeport and other media outlets,” said Kerr.
Prior to the event, printed lists will be available during regular operational hours at the Benedum Civic Center, the Bridgeport Municipal Complex and the Bridgeport Public Library. The lists will be available the day of the sale at the Civic Center and the library.
“The lists that we have printed out will also include a list of city restaurants on it. We hope that those planning on making a day of it will take advantage of all the wonderful dining options available in Bridgeport,” said Kerr.
Check back to Connect-Bridgeport in the weeks and months ahead for the initial list and other information as it becomes available.
Editor's Note: Photos are from the 2017 City-Wide Yard Sale.

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