Developer of Market Place at Bridgeport Says Things Set to Pick Up and Promised Restaurant Still on Way

By Jeff Toquinto on September 02, 2018 via

It’s been a while since the developers of Marketplace at Bridgeport have announced any new businesses. In fact, the last business to announce they were coming that has since opened its doors was a little less than a year ago when Don Patron made it official.
Since then, development has been quiet. Dave Biafora, the head of Metro Property Management handling the development just past the entrance to White Oaks, said it’s about to change.
“We’re getting ready to start a 5,000 square foot duplex building to the left of the sign at our entrance,” said Biafora. “That building will actually be in the city limits and we hope to be starting on that in the very near future.”
Biafore, who is involved in multiple development deals in the state including acquiring the former Middletown Mall property, aid the building will likely house two businesses. One of those, he said, will be in the food industry. The other will be of an unknown variety.
The building will mark the third at the site. The first is the office building that will house the new drug recovery program the Summit Center that United Hospital announced last year. The other building houses Don Patron, the Countertop Store and Anatomical Designs.
The second building is actually located just outside the city limits. He hopes to have those spaces filled soon that remain in that structure.
“We have a couple of leases out on the shopping center,” said Biafora.
Last year, Biafora announced that Crabshack Caribb would be opening a location there and that it was looking like sometime in 2018. Despite no work happening, Biafora said they still plan on coming.
“They’re delayed a little bit,” said Biafora. “They did an expansion, which slowed things down. We’re expecting, along with them, to be adding a couple of restaurants. In this business, everything is timing and we’re starting to see that timing take place. There is plenty of opportunity in that area and we’re looking forward to the development growing.”
Biafora admitted to things slowing down. He said part of it deals with other development and working on banking and negotiating deals. Biafora said he hopes to have some official announcements in the near future.

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