For Second Time in Weeks, Meadowbrook Mall has New National Retailer Hold Official Ribbon Cutting

By Jeff Toquinto on December 15, 2018 via

Although the business open for roughly a month, another national retail establishment is calling the Meadowbrook Mall home. On Friday, the business made it official.
A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held by Boost Mobile at its new home in Bridgeport. Officials from Boost, including employees, were joined by City Council member Jeff Smell and Meadowbrook Mall Property Manager Marcello Lalalma in welcoming them to the city.
“It’s great because they’re a national tenant,” said Lalama. “It gives us the presence of another national brand for cell phone carriers. When you come to the mall you have basically every brand to choose from to help determine what’s best for you. It’s convenient for the customers and it’s good for the businesses to be in a location where they have access to so many customers.”
That access is important. Manager Tyler Curfman said the store, which joins Boost’s location in downtown Clarksburg in Harrison County, provides a bit more convenience.
“That’s a good location, but sometimes parking in downtown Clarksburg can be a little sketchy and rough,” said Curfman. “That location remains open, but this location is proving to be more accessible to our customers. We hope to see both continue to do well.”
Boost, as Lalama, mentioned, is a national brand. And as he also mentioned, they’ll be joining a full lineup of cellular companies – as well as support service businesses at the mall. Curfman said he believes Boost can distinguish itself from the crowd.
“We’re here to provide good cell service and customer service to the area. We want to put the customer first,” said Curfman. “We’re looking at what the customer needs as opposed to just trying to sell them a product. We strive to make long-term customers instead of just an immediate sell.”
So what does the new business offer?
“We sell multiple items and pre-paid and want to break the misconception that pre-paid phones are junk phones. We also sell everything up to the newest iPhone,” said Curfman. “Our plans are more than competitive including unlimited plans in decent bundles.”
Only a few weeks in, Curfman said things are going well.
“Our sales have been incredible this month,” said Curfman. “Having a location in this mall is a big deal.”
Boost Mobile will operate regular mall hours. They will also be open regular holiday hours as well. To contact the new store, call 304-924-2599.

Editor's Note: Mall, Bridgeport and Boost officials gather for the ribbon cutting Friday. Below, City Council member Jeff Smell, right, shakes hand with Boost District Manager Mazhar Iqbal after reading a proclamation welcoming Boost to the City of Bridgeport.

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