Meadowbrook Mall Announces New Nationally Known Store on Way; Hopes to be Open Before Christmas

By Jeff Toquinto on November 10, 2018 via

Meadowbrook Mall has a new national brand that’s coming. Actually, the mall has a new brand that’s a former brand that just left.
According to Joe Bell, the corporate communications manager for the Ohio-based Cafaro Company that owns the mall, the space previously occupied by Lileigh’s Hallmark Shop, will soon have a new tenant in place.
The business? Adams Hallmark will be taking the place of Lileigh’s Hallmark Shop.
“They just finished the deal for a new operator and it’s the same brand in the same spot near Old Navy,” said Bell. “They hope to be open before Christmas and that seems very realistic.”
The reason for that is that the space Adams Hallmark will be utilizing is one that was already set up for the Hallmark brank. That doesn’t mean there won’t be work done, said Bell.
“There won’t be a great deal of renovating for the new tenant because the space is intact,” said Bell.  “The things that will need to be done before they open will be minor refurbishing and getting their merchandise in to do business.”
Some may be surprised by the fact that the new Hallmark store will soon be opening with the old one closing in October. Bell is not one of those individuals and he’s basing it on experience Cafaro has had with Hallmark in one of the many facilities they own and operate.
“We knew when the last store closed it was a strong possibility this could happen because we knew, first, Hallmark remains a strong brand,” said Bell. “When one operator, for whatever reason or another leaves a location we know the company is good about addressing the opening with other franchisees that are out there who often consider taking over.
“With Hallmark this is not unusual,” he continued. “In fact, it’s not unusual with our own properties. We’ve done this on many occasions. It’s proven not too difficult to make this happen.”
The individual taking over is a state resident. Bell said Paul Adams from Milton is the new owner of the operation. 

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