Bridgeport High Alum Adds to Business Portfolio with Acquisition of Popular Shinnston Restaurant

By Jeff Toquinto on April 15, 2024 via

It’s not a new restaurant, but it is another new business under the commercial umbrella of Bridgeport High School graduate Jeffrey Chalfant.
Earlier this year, on Feb. 29 to be exact, Chalfant took ownership of Gibby’s Ice Cream and Grille. It is located on South Pike Street in Shinnston.
Since the acquisition, the 2018 alum has been busy seeing work done to refreshen the business located on the main roadway through Shinnston that also doubles as U.S. Route 19.
Although limited to drive through only right now, Chalfant’s involvement is likely good news for the community and for it to have staying power.
Despite being just 24 years old, Chalfant is the owner and operator of six businesses. He has three East of Chicago Pizza franchises, including one in Bridgeport along with the first one in Shinnston and his newest location in Salem. He also owns Vincent Lumber in Shinnston, South Pike Storage (storage units), and his most recent acquisition in Gibby’s.
“The previous owners had inquired about me taking it over for the last few years, but initially I didn’t have the interest. They reached out again this November and I decided to take a deeper look at the business,” said Chalfant.
After doing his due diligence on the business, he opted to collaborate with the owners to determine if a deal could be reached. And earlier this year, that happened.
“Since that time, we’ve been working on some changes,” said Chalfant.
One of the biggest changes will be a two-lane drive-through. Chalfant said that will allow people ordering ice cream to get their orders quickly as opposed to waiting behind someone getting a food order that would be made freshly that could take 10 minutes.
“When the work is done, we’ll have one lane for the ice cream and one lane for the food items that, if you haven’t ordered ahead, will be made fresh,” he said.
Another change will be a smaller dining area as it will go from 32 seats down to 24. That was necessitated with the addition of the extra drive-through lane and expansion of the kitchen.
Chalfant also said a lot of trees surrounding the property are down or will be coming down. He said the goal is to make signage pinpointing the restaurant’s location easy for travelers, particularly those utilizing Route 19.
“The visibility for those not knowing it is there will now be there. You will be able to see the signage,” he said.
The outside seating area is also intact. He said that has been revamped as well as should be more accommodating.
“This business has a loyal customer base locally, but we want it to grow even more locally and be a business that people will want to drive to Shinnston for,” said Chalfant.
As for the food?
There will still be plenty of ice cream, but it will no longer be Hershey’s. Instead, it will be Velvet hand dipped. They will have 24 hand-dipped and four soft serve flavors. The reason for the change in brands was simple.
“Hershey wouldn’t call me back,” he said.
The food menu will feature many familiar items, but Chalfant said a few of the “slow movers” have been removed. There will be hoagies, hot dogs, hamburgers, Giovannis, and other items. He said there will also be a full option of side dishes.
“The idea is to make it bigger and better, but we don’t want it to be a huge restaurant,” said Chalfant. “We want a smalltown feel and a good experience.”
Chalfant, a member of the Shinnston Development Authority as well as the Associated Businesses of Bridgeport, said the business will be open year-round. The goal is to have the double lane drive through open April 29, as well as the inside dining option and outside as weather permits. As noted above, the single lane drive through is currently open.
The business is open seven days a week. The hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday. For those wanting to help with speeding up things in the single lane, you can order ahead and pick it up in the drive through by calling 304-592-0012. That does not mean you cannot order at the drive through, but you can speed up your process by placing your order until both lanes are open. Eventually, there will also be an on-line ordering option, Chalfant said.
Chalfant is finding success in Shinnston and said the most recent business came through with the help of individuals from the community. He thanked James Coulter, president of the Shinnston Development Authority; Duane Blackwell, vice president of the Shinnston Development Authority; and new City Manager Tori Drainer.
Click HERE for the menu.
Editor's Note: Top three photos show the exterior work being done with the second image showing Jeffrey Chalfant outside of the structure. The fourth photo is an upside down banana split followed by a giovanni sandwich. Photo below is of a pepperoni bun covered with chili. 

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