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By Stacy Martin on November 16, 2012 from Conservation Station via

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE – the mantra you should have locked in your head by now!  If not, then no better time to “re”focus than now – America Recycles Day!  Thursday, November 15 is AMERICA RECYCLES DAY and everyone is getting involved.  What can you do to help?  For starters, here are some great ways to recognize this very important day:
1)         Wear GREEN!  Wear as much green as possible and make sure people know why you are sporting your green – in observance of America Recycles Day!  Bridgeport Schools/Students and hopefully the rest of the community will follow their lead and wear green to bring recognition to how important it is to recycle.  Today almost anything can be recycled so that tomorrow holds a better environment for everyone.  So wear your green proudly and remind your friends and neighbors how important it is to our community to recycle.
2)         Help Bridgeport win the National contest – The SC Johnson Green Choices Recycling Challenge!  Bridgeport was chosen as THE community in West Virginia to represent the State and demonstrate our dedication to making our community more environmentally friendly.  Bridgeport could win $100,000 grant if Bridgeport has the most residents recycling and logging their progress.  It’s easy – if you already recycle you just need to make sure you are reporting your efforts by logging on to If you don’t already recycle your trash, then start!  Contact the Harrison County Solid Waste Authority for a free recycle bin and update your account with Waste Management for collection, then log your progress on RecycleBank.  What better day to make the pledge to start recycling than America Recycles Day!  The contest ends December 31, 2012 so don’t hesitate and ACT NOW!
3)         Check out the United States Postal Service’s dedication to sustainability at sure you buy Go Green stamps to spread the word with your mailings that you support green ideas.  As well, the United States Postal Service offers a wide variety of eco-friendly mailing materials.  Before you send those holiday packages out make sure you are doing it right!
4)         Earn money for your local schools by recycling!  That’s right, the Harrison County schools are taking part in a paper recycling project that earns money for the schools.  Most of the schools have a Recycle bin (a large green trash bin that has
“Paper Recycle Only” – see picture of Johnson Elementary’s bin) located outside the building.  These bins are collected every 2 weeks and the weight of the recycled paper material determines the percentage of funds that school receives (I will be doing a more in-depth blog on this project at a later time).  Classrooms and administration regularly deposit paper into the bins, but anyone help!  I have a box I collect my paper materials in (see picture) and drive-by the school to empty it into the recycle bin.  You can do the same.  What can be recycled and turned into cash for the school – printed and unprinted copy paper, junk mail, envelopes, magazines, catalogs, and notebook paper.  Most any paper can be recycled, but NOT – newspaper, cardboard or phonebooks! 
5)         Recycle what you can!  Plastic and Ziploc™ bags can be turned into bins outside Kroger or just inside Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and other participating locations.  Lowe’s accepts and recycles plastic bags, cell phones, CFLs, nickel-cadmium batteries, plastic plant materials, and rechargeable batteries.  Radio Shack recycles cell phones, nickel-cadmium batteries and rechargeable batteries.  Staples accepts Cell Phone Accessories, Cell Phones, Computer Peripherals - External, CRT Computer Monitors, Desktop Computers, Digital Cameras, GPS Systems, Inkjet Cartridges, Laptop Computers, LCD Computer Monitors, MP3 Players, Nickel-Cadmium Batteries, Office Electronics, Office Machines, Printers, Rechargeable Batteries, Tablets, Toner Cartridges.  Ink cartridges can earn you money, or better yet – donate used ink cartridges to a local school for them to receive the money.  Even shoes can be recycled!  Either by donating the shoes to to be provided to those in need, to be turned into athletic flooring, or sends still wearable tennis shoes into running shoes for those in third world countries.  Old Navy accepts old flip flops and gives you credit for new ones for every 10 pairs you turn in.
So wear green and do what you can to RECYCLE this Thursday, November 15 on America Recycles Day!  As well, make a pledge to do your part the rest of the year for yourself and your community by recycling what you can.  If you aren’t sure if it can be recycled, check out this link/website as a great resource for giving you an answer:

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